Can You Take A Guitar On A Plane? Complete Guide

Getting on a plane with a huge thing like a guitar can be difficult even if you just pack it through your checked baggage. But even checked baggage can’t be someone’s big and mostly safe for a thing like a guitar to pack.

So is there any other way of getting your musical instrument along? Can you take a guitar on a plane? Well, here we are to answer your ambiguities with all that you want to know about having your guitar along for a musical dream journey.

TSA on Taking guitar on a plane

Thinking of the size or other safety issues, TSA has also allowed the taking of a guitar on a plane even as an extra package. Prior to this decision made in 2013, guitar’s were only allowed to be put in the checked baggage for traveling. Now the queries of the people asking about can you take a guitar on a plane as an additional package has been finally answered.

With the allowance of taking a guitar on a plane as an additional hand carrier, TSA has also given the hint of checking the policies of the country that you are flying to.

To avoid any mishap, TSA suggests measuring the linear inches of your guitar and its case so you can actually fit it in your overhead bin.

Therefore, don’t have to miss your guitar on a plane due to any extra inches of length not being allowed. It’s better to be cautious than to lose an item that you loved in a bid of some extra inches.

Guitar On A Plane TSA

Can you take a guitar on a plane in a carry-on?

Taking musical instruments as carry-on comes with some restrictions in numbers and size. TSA regulates its passengers to carry only one musical instrument on a plane and that too by considering its size.

So if you are planning on taking your guitar along, you surely can take it as your Carry on. For your guitar, there is an equal allowance of the guitar case on a plane but you must have to go through the regular security check for both.

It’s worth the time and struggle if you get to have your favorite instrument on board for a little destination jam.

Can you take a guitar on a plane in checked baggage?

If you do not want to lose or damage your guitar, we suggest that you must not put your guitar in checked baggage even if it is allowed. While saying losing your guitar, we legitimately have not any doubts about choosing my words again over it. As the post departing handling on the checked baggage is nothing but torture to the baggage, the decision must be considered.

So the damage is least what you can expect from it. Try not to put your guitar in checked baggage but only if in case you don’t have any other options.

We recommend you pack it in a sturdy case and film wrap it to secure any scratches. Make sure you are the first one to reach the conveyer belt as you reach for avoiding any Accidental theft.

Can you bring a guitar without a case on a plane?

If you want to take a guitar with you on a flight without a case, you have to inform the airline beforehand. Guitar without a case may require an extra seat that you have to purchase for your guitar. You can also place it in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Which airlines allow guitars as carry ons?

Almost all the international airlines including American, Southwest and Delta allow you to carry guitar as your carry-on essential. You just have to follow the TSA guidelines to avoid any hassle.

Some packing tips for taking a guitar on a plane

If you are still not sure of packing your guitar the right way to enjoy your hassle-free joinery, here we are for your help. We bring you some of the amazing packing hacks and tips to secure your guitar wherever you wish to keep it. Let’s dig in !!

  • Use a Gig bag with a string to place your guitar in checked baggage. The string feature would not only help you to carry the instrument on your shoulder but simply in your hand as an additional carry-on.
  • Do use a padded gig bag in case you have the chance of getting scratches by the handling of the guitar.
  • Use padding independently on the significantly fragile parts of the guitar in the gig bag.
  • Consider using a rigid guitar case for tough situations.
  • Loosen up the guitar strings to prevent any rupture of the strings under any heat and cold circumstances.


Hope so, that your assumptions and misconceptions regarding can you take a guitar on a plane are somewhat cleared to a good level. The new modifications of the TSA rules, allows you guitar not only in your checked baggage but also as an additional carry-on. So don’t hesitate to enjoy your destination tour in the most musical way you can. Keep flying, keep safe!

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