Can You Bring Yogurt On A Plane? Complete Guide

Yogurts can be thick creamy or runny like any normal yogurt.

Now consider the nature or the texture of the yogurt, you may wonder if can you bring yogurt on a plane or not.

Well, this is a tricky question as many of you don’t wanna miss the favorite flavor of yogurt on board.

So here is how you can bring the yogurt on board, how can you pack it? And what are the rules?

Head on to the following text to grab yourself some good answers.

Can You Bring Yogurt On A Plane?

No matter what is the texture of your yogurt, you can simply take it on board. So yes, you can bring yogurt on a plane.

Well, there is some bad news about it. As the TSA authority considers yogurt as liquid, the packing rules prevail for packing yogurt on a plane.

What TSA has to say about it?

TSA is the airport security authority that controls all the security protocols for passengers.

the good news is, all kinds of yogurts see allowed on a plane. However, you still have to follow the 3.4 oz liquid rule for yogurt.

Plus, the yogurt packed in 3.4 oz containers have to ho go in plastic bags for safe travel.

These small containers can be packed in the carry-on. So the real thing is you can divide your yogurt into several smaller containers.

As per the TSA rules, you can pack bigger yogurt packs in the checked baggage.

Here is what TSA says about it on its official page:Can You Bring Yogurt On A Plane TSA

Traveling with Yogurt

Traveling with yogurt must follow the TSA liquid rule. According to this rule, every liquid must be packed in less than 3.4 oz packaging.

Once you pack the item in 3 4 oz containers, then these have to go in the plastic zip-lock toiletries bag.

For yogurt in a carry-on, you have to follow the TSA liquid rule. While otherwise, you can pack the yogurt in your checked baggage without considering the liquid rule.

Can You Bring Yogurt in checked luggage?

Yogurt is allowed in checked luggage. TSA does not restrict you to pack yogurt in the checked luggage

As per TSA rules, you can pack yogurts in any quantity in your checked luggage without considering the number of boxes. Make sure you pack these tightly as there is a chance of leakage during the security check. Can You Bring Yogurt in carrying on

Yes, you can bring yogurt in carry-on luggage. However, make sure you follow the liquid rule and do not contain the yogurt in a container of more than 3 4 oz.

For spill-proof travel, TSA asks the passengers to pack the liquid item in a zip lock-sealed plastic toiletries bag.

So for the quantity, you can divide the yogurt into various 3.4 oz containers and can pack them in your Carry on luggage.

How can you bring more than 3.4oz of yogurt in a carry-on?

Yogurt is allowed in a carry-on, but with a certain liquid limit. Still, the good news is there are some safe hacks that you can use for bringing more yogurt in your carry-on.

Keep the yogurt frozen: Firstly, frozen yogurt is the best hack that can be dontoto raise the TSA-approved amount of yogurts. Frozen yogurts are considered solids and therefore do not need to follow the 3-1-1 rule until they pass through the security check.

Take it as baby food: Secondly, mention yogurt as the baby food for inflight dietary needs. All types of baby foods are exempted from the quantity as carry-on items.

Both of these hacks can save you from following the 100ml packaging in a carry-on. However, do not fall short of following these tips carefully.

The basic guideline for fulfilling the tips are briefly explained in the following section.

How can you bring frozen yogurt on a plane?

Frozen yogurt Can not be considered liquid and therefore does not have to follow the liquid rule.

You can simply freeze the yogurt and take it across the security check at the airport. Make sure your frozen yogurt does not melt before you pass the security check as it will be again considered as liquid and have to follow the liquid rule.

Allana asked TSA if she could bring frozen yogurt on a plane for her sister to which TSA responded positively saying frozen yogurts don’t follow the liquid rule.

can you bring frozen yogurt on a plane

So if you are planning to follow this trick, I suggest you not. As you may completely take a chance with frozen yogurt through the security check.

Can you bring baby yogurt on a plane?

Every kind of baby food is allowed to carry on a plane. So yes you can bring baby yogurt on a plane.

The good news is, you don’t have to follow the liquid rule limitations for baby food.

As per TSA rules, all kinds of baby food are allowed on a plane without the exception of any quantity. But do make sure your baby is a young one. can yogurt go through airport security?

Yogurts are good to go through the security check. However, the TSA provides you with essential packing tips for packing liquid items on a plane.

All you have to do is to pack liquid yogurt, even its thick yogurt or thick sour cream, in smaller 3.4 oz containers.

Once you have transferred your item in these containers you can bring any amount of these containers on a plane in your Carry on.

Don’t forget to pack these separately in plastic zip locks to be spill-proof. The packaging also helps the security check to identify the liquid clearly and limits the risk by restricting the amount on a plane.

How to bring yogurt on an International Flight?

There are no certain restrictions on bringing yogurt on international flights. However, you must be aware of the restricted item list of your international destination.

Some countries may restrict some items like yogurt if there is a chance of allergic reaction or some disease spread into the international community.

Make sure you check it with your airline and the security team of your destination.

Final words

The final Verdict on can you bring Yogurt on a plane is yes but with a packing restriction.

All types of yogurts are considered liquids, therefore these must follow the 3.4oz packing rule.

Even if you are dividing the yogurt in multiple 3.4oz, they all must go in one quart-sized bag.

Taking and an infant along can be your free pass for the excess packaging limit of yogurt as baby food.

However keeping the yogurt frozen until across the security check can also be safe escape for exempting the quantity limit.

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