Can You Bring Tylenol On A Plane? Complete Guide

If you are traveling and thinking of going safe through the journey with yourself and your child, you must think of taking your medicines along.

Tylenol is the medicine used for flu , fever and pain or you can simply call it paracetamol. But as you don’t know the packing criteria, let us help you know all the packing tips and tricks for can you bring Tylenol on a plane?

Can you bring Tylenol on a plane?

Yes, you surely can take your relief along onboard. Tylenol comes in the pills as well as the liquid type. You can take both of them as this can be life-saving.

What TSA has to say about taking medicines on the plane?

As you have you board the plane with your private things of need, TSA comes your way in packing the right thing in the right quantity. TSA authority keeps in mind to make your travel safe and error-free.

For this, some of the users went to Twitter to directly ask TSA about taking Tylenol on the plane. Well, you are good to go with your pills on board. Plus the good news is that you are not prohibited for the quantity. You can take as much as you can much try to be reasonable.

medicines on plane tsa

Can you take Tylenol in your Carry on?

Carry on is scanned by the airport security that can actually scan your tablets through your luggage. But yes, you can take your Tylenol with you in your Carry on without the risk of being asked or confiscated.

However, I also suggest many of you take you emergency pills nearest to you. So Carry on or hand-carry is the safest place for your medicines to be.

Can you take Tylenol in your checked baggage?

Checked baggage is also scanned after you drop them on the scanning trail. Well for the question, I can say that yes you can take your medicines in your checked baggage. There are also no issues with the quantity of the medicines you take but I still suggest just to be reasonable of the other thing that can be done is giving your medicines for security check for yourself.

Do you need to pack pills in a plastic packet?

Pills usually come in their own packaging or you can say the labeled bottles usually. With pills, there is no need of putting them aside in plastic bags. But with some gel-filled capsules, it’s only up to you. There is no requirement for the packing of the pills as per TSA.

Pills in plastic pack

Can you take liquid Tylenol on a plane?

Yes, you can. It is usually for children who cannot take direct tablets. With the liquid medicines, TSA does have some quantity rules but Tylenol has an exemption to it. You can easily take your medicine bottles with you. Plus, Tylenol usually comes in bottles more tea 3.4oz so there is no doubt about taking more.


I hope I have justified all your queries and questions about can you bring tylenol on a plane or not? If you are still doubted about having your liquid medicines along, head on to our page and gather all the packing hacks and tips for the medicines.

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