Can You Bring Tennis Rackets On A Plane? Complete Guide

Tennis rackets are important goods to pack during traveling. The first concern for tennis lovers is to pass the rackets through airport security without any hassle. On a sports tour, you need consistent practice to provide the best in the game. Even some hotels provide tennis courts and coaching sessions as well. Players love to practice on their rackets, but can you bring tennis rackets on a plane? Or do you need to quit them behind? Let’s find out altogether.

Can you bring tennis rackets on a plane?

The simple answer is yes. TSA allows you to bring a tennis racket on a plane without restriction. Commonly tennis rackets are permitted on planes. Conversely, it influences different factors, like where you travel, the country’s security agency, the airline’s directions, the size of luggage, and many other things. There are no prohibitions on carrying rackets on a plane.

According to the US Transportation and Security Administration, rackets are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage. The equipment’s capability to fit in hand luggage will be the main consideration. We will discuss the rules and regulations for packing tennis rackets in checked or hand luggage.


Can you bring a Tennis Racket in my hand luggage?

No, you cannot bring a tennis racket in hand luggage because of its length. The separate bag of tennis rackets can take on a plane. Different airlines have different guidelines for the weight of luggage. Even if you are traveling for vacations and have personal stuff like clothes the security staff causes many issues at that time because of weight. So it’s not easy to handle the tennis racket in your hand luggage due to the maximum size.

What are the problems with carrying rackets on a plane?

Numerous airlines cause problems with rackets on a plane due to their length. They make specific rules for bringing them. Although tennis rackets are not tough to carry the main concern is the length of the tennis racket. The majority of tennis rackets used in professional sports nowadays are 27 inches long, which is wider than what is permitted for carry-on luggage. 

You may have observed that airlines and security staff are frequently unreliable when they decide to allow rackets on planes.

Can you bring a tennis racket in checked baggage?

The answer is yes. You can bring a tennis racket in checked baggage. If the sports equipment is packed properly, then most airlines are allowed to take it on a plane. When you are traveling on a plane and want to bring a tennis racket with you, you must check the airline instructions for the size and weight you carry. If you carry an enormous tennis racket, then the checking staff may cause issues at the boarding and take the extra charges for oversized baggage.


What is the finest way to pack a tennis racket?

The best way to pack a tennis racket is the tennis racket traveling zipper bag with extra padding. If you want to carry a tennis racket in a cabin, then the zipper bag is the best option to pack it safely without any damage. Some airlines stated that it’s cabin-approved baggage.

Can you pack a tennis racket in the suitcase?

The acceptable size of a tennis racket may vary from 27–29 inches. In most cases, the maximum size of a standard suitcase is 30 inches. So it’s not easy to pack a tennis racket in a suitcase. The best way to pack a tennis racket safely is the tennis racket traveling bag. Take the bag and put the racket inside; you are ready to go.

Can you take racket on most airlines?

Every international airline has different restrictions on bringing tennis rackets on a plane. We have found that most of the major US airlines have no issue with tennis rackets on planes or in checked luggage. But the airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet restrict rackets due to the limited space.

  • American Airlines

Can I bring a tennis racket on American Airlines

  • United Airlines

Can you bring a tennis racket on United Airlines

  • Ryanair

Can you bring a tennis racket on Ryanair

  • Easyjet

Can you bring a tennis racket on Easyjet

  • Turkish Airlines

Can you bring a tennis racket on Turkish Airlines

What to do if you lose your racket on the flight?

The best tip for a secure flight is to have all the information you pack in your luggage. Because if you are losing something on a plane, it can help you to find it easily and give the proof to the cabin crew.

Final words

Many airlines allow you to carry tennis rackets in carry-on and checked luggage by following the instructions. The most important thing is the length and weight of the luggage. So if you can read the information discussed in the given post, you can safely bring the tennis racket on a plane.

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