Can You Bring Syringes On A Plane? Complete Guide

Syringes are a part of many medical conditions and there are cases that cannot be forgiven without the right dose through syringes. Disease like diabetes is always accompanied by insulin and its injecting syringes.

As Diabetic condition cannot be exempt even if you are traveling. There are doubts about taking syringes on a plane. Syringes being damaging can be very doubtful in taking along on plane travel.

So if you are one of those who can’t think of traveling without their medicines and syringes, we have got you. Keep on reading below to know all the traveling hacks and tips for can you bring syringes on a plane.

Can you bring Syringes on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring syringes along yourself as you travel on a plane. As most of the syringes are needed with medical liquid medicines so there will be applied liquid rule on it.

Your insulin or liquid Medicine cannot exceed the 3.4 oz amount. But as the syringes are separate ones, there is no limit to their amount.

You can take as many spare syringes as you can all you have to do is separate your syringes from the luggage for security check.

TSA Guidelines on Taking Syringes on a Plane

TSA allows the syringes on a plane with your medical conditions. You can easily take these syringes in your Carry on as some medical conditions require the urgent need of it. But you do have to inform them about the medical condition to the security officers.

Another important thing is to declare all your medical necessities just you hop onto the security checkpoint.

unused syringes TSA Guideline

used syringes TSA GuidelineCan you bring syringes in carry-on baggage?

Syringes being damaging are basically not allowed in carry-on baggage. If your medical conditions make you do so, then all you have to do is to declare your medical stuff just before your check.

I suggest you put all the extra syringes in your checked baggage as the carry-on baggage will not allow more syringes. You can always keep your syringes with your insulin even in your handbags after certain permissions of its life-threatening.

Can you bring syringes in checked baggage?

Yes, you can bring syringes in your checked baggage. There is no limit to the number of numbers you can take with syringes. Syringes can be harmful so it is advised that you should keep your syringes sealed in a zipper or resealable bags.

If your security officer asks about your syringes or the reason for taking them along, I suggest you give her your doctor’s letter. The letter must clearly indicate your medical conditions and the need for the drug with syringes

This incident may occur now or then but you do need to consider your safety and ease first. So do carry along a permission letter along with the prescription.

Walking through customs with syringes

Walking through customs with syringes is not very difficult. It will certainly not cause any danger or issue.

You can keep your extra syringes in your checked baggage in a sealable bag. For your and the security safety, do mention the bag with the type of syringes they have. This will save time as well as prove safe.

Can you bring syringes on an International Flight?

International flights may or may not allow syringes on board. In some countries, liquid medicines cannot be taken in any way so there you can have your prescription with you in any case.

In some cases, special permission from the airline will also let you have your Medicine along. They may not let you exceed the limit of your liquid medicines, the syringes can always be bought in any country.


Our Final Verdict for can you bring syringes on a plane is positive. Yes, you can bring your medical needs like syringes along with your liquid Medicine. There is no limit to the number you take syringes in. In some cases or for safety, all you have to do is to do the declaration of all the syringes and medicines that you are taking. In rare cases, the security officer will ask you about the permission letter or the real prescription. So don’t miss out on your dosage of medicine even if you traveling.

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