Can You Bring Plants On A Plane? Complete Guide

Plants can be a gift or a souvenir or you can simply carry your favorite plants on a plane of you are shifting from one state to another.

Seems a boy easy but still it can be thought differently by some of us and they can wonder if can you bring plants on a plane. Well with this and much more, traveling always puts so many questions in the head.

From packing the plants to passing through the security check, it can be a difficult task as you can never miss the airport guidelines for certain items. I guess plants are one of them.

So let us help you with all your questions and sort your queries in a travel-friendly way.

Can you bring plants on a plane?

So can you bring plants on a plane? Well, the good news is yes. Are there some restrictions to it? Well, the answer is again yes.

Can you bring plants on a plane TSA

Sounds a bit disappointing but worry not we have got you covered. According to the transport security association, TSA you can bring plants on a plane. They are allowed carry-on luggage and checked baggage.

But make sure you pack just the right way to avoid the security delay. While saying the right way, I can assure plants with water vessels are not allowed. And you know the liquid rule for TSA, no fruit more than 3.4 oz can pass the security check.

Can you bring plants as a carry-on?

Yes, you can bring plants as a carry-on as long as it fits your Carry on luggage. As there is a size restriction over the carry-on size, your plants must fulfill those which are typically 22×19× 4 inches.

However just to be spill-proof, I suggest you remove all the possible dirt from the roots of the plants. Absorb the extra water from the roots and try to keep the roots a little damp by wrapping them in a wet towel.

Doing this will make your plants travel the route friendly. Additionally, you will also not have to fear the liquid rule as your plant does not contain any liquid vessel.

Lastly, you can either pack the plant in a zip lock bag to carry it in hand or place it in your bag or carry it on for security check.

Can you bring plants in checked luggage?

Checked baggage is also safe for plants and whatnot. You can carry your plants in as many numbers in your checked baggage however there will still be the chance of your plants being thrown away during the check if the officer finds some pest in them.

More often, plants are safe for the checked badge. I suggest you guys back each plant the same way I suggested for carry-on. Leaving the plants root in a damp towel and zip lock back can reduce the chances of soil spilling all over and keeps the plants alive altogether for the journey.

However, if you carry some endangered or restricted species of plants you might have to leave your plants there at the checkpoint.

Can you bring plants through airport security?

Just as mentioned earlier, plants are allowed on planes and therefore they are good to pass airport security. Still, you can have trouble when your plant is not bare-rooted or is still in a water vessel.

If the roots are not uncovered your security officer might not know if anything is in the soil. These can be harmful pests or any other infection-causing species

For the water vessel, you have to follow the liquid rule which means you are not allowed to have plants with water.

So make sure you pack the plants as I have mentioned above. Or to be a more wrinkle-free method, you can pack the plants in a cardboard box wrapped the gate roots in a damp towel.

Any endangered or invasive species or plant may be restricted if you don’t have the permission letter for it. Make sure you cross-check all the airport and airline guidelines thoroughly.

Can you bring plants on domestic flights?

Plants are allowed on all domestic flights if following the right size and packing dimensions. You just can have the thing on board if you don’t follow the protocols given by the TSA.

All international and domestic flights have their regulation in alignment with TSA however cross-checking never harms.

can you bring plants on a plane delta?

You can bring plants on a plane delta as long as there are no agricultural violations with it. All kinds of fresh and frozen items are allowed on the plane. However, still you are recommended to check with the final destination restrictions.

can you bring plants on a plane southwest?

Yes, you can. All types of plants are allowed on Southwest airlines as long as they keep them under the TSA restrictions.

Do not overpass any packing or storage restrictions applied for safe travels. Plants are allowed on carry-on as well as checked baggage.

can you bring plants on a plane internationally?

As far as any plant with no endangered or invasive species you may travel with plants internationally. Some endangered species or plants that harm pests are not allowed internationally.

However, do check with the destination airport and the airline you are flying with to check any special requirements for a specific species in any case.

can you bring plants on a plane on American airlines?

There is no such thing as restricting plants on American airlines. You are good to go with plants under the implications applied by the TSA. Traveling domestically can be easy and safe but international traveling may still ask for some prior reservations for invasive or endangered species

Final words

For my final closing on can you bring plants on a plane, I assure you all that those little life symbols are good to go with you on board. Just to be spill-proof, I think that packing the right way is the essential trick. You cannot only save your hand carry from being ruined with mud but also allow the plant to take long plane routes and survive until 24 to 48 hours provided the settings above. Make sure you don’t damage the little ones or else taking only bare rooted plants is enough.

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