Can You Bring Melatonin On A Plane? Complete Guide

Are you scared of long flights because of insomnia or jet lag? Do you want to make your trip stress-free or calm by having enough sleep during the flight? Then having melatonin on a plane is a premier option. 

It helps you to relax and maintains your sleeping cycle well. But the question is can you bring melatonin on a plane? Can you pack up your medications in your carry-on luggage? Will TSA allows you? Is gummy and liquid medicines have separate rules? Find all the queries below.

Can you bring melatonin on a plane?

Yes, melatonin medications are allowed to bring on a plane. Melatonin pills have no restriction on quantity. You can take as many as your hand luggage allows. Let’s have a look at the TSA rule about medication.

melatonin on a plane TSA

Can you bring liquid melatonin on a plane?

Is your doctor prescribes you liquid melatonin, and you are wondering if you can have it on a plane or not? Then don’t worry. Have your liquid medicines with you on a flight. Now you must be thinking about the 3-1-1 rule of TSA, which allows only 3.4oz/100ml of liquid. But this rule doesn’t apply to liquid medicines. TSA has the following rule on liquid medicines.

Melatonin liquid on plane tsa

But is liquid melatonin need to be in original packing? Alejandra asks the same question, to which TSA replies.

liquid melatonin on a plane

You only need the original packing of liquid medicine if you are traveling internationally. But for domestic flights, you can have a medicine organizer or containers.

Stephanie asked about liquid melatonin explicitly for her son.

liquid melatonin on a plane TSA

Can you bring Gummy melatonin on a plane?

Some people prefer to have gummy melatonin on a plane compared to liquid and pills. So gummy medicines are allowed to have on a plane irrespective of gummies numbers. Take as many as you want in the original bottle or medicine organizer as per your need. 

Gummy melatonin on a plane

Important things to consider before packing medicines

  • Try to avoid packing in checked luggage. Because checked luggage can be delayed or exposed to different temperatures that can affect the medicines. 
  • It’s better to have medicines in original packing to avoid delays and extra questionings.
  • Freezing medicines should be packed in freezer packs, small boxes like coolers that fit in your carry-on well.
  • Keep medicines in a separate bag within your carry-on so that you can go through the checkpoint easily by just showing it to the officer.
  • If you are bringing any medicine with drug properties, bring the medication list and note from your doctor. 


Hope so now you get the answer that can you bring melatonin on a plane or not. But consult with your doctor first for having it during flight as sometimes melatonin can cause nausea and headache on the plane. 

If you are looking for other medical objects to bring on a plane, check out the series on our site. Comment and give your feedback below on how much this article helps you. 

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