Can You Bring Lysol Wipes On A Plane? Complete Guide

Life before covid-19 is quite reckless in a way that we took the cleaning matters easy. At that time, we travel without worrying about the sanitization of hands, luggage, and other goodies. But ever since the covid-19 hit us, traveling with all the safety measures has become the responsibility. 

According to the statistics on February 9, 2020, about 66% of travelers in the U.S make hand-washing their priority to fight against coronavirus. But as we know that washing hands on a flight can become hard, so it’s better to keep disinfectant wipes like Lysol wipes in your carry-on. Now the question arises, can you bring Lysol wipes on a plane? Let’s dive into the details.

Can you bring Lysol wipes on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to take Lysol wipes on a plane. As it is secure to carry a bottle of disinfectants and antimicrobial Lysol wipes every time you are traveling. This is the best way to keep your seat and yourself germ-free when you are on a flight. Wet antimicrobial wipes protect against germs as bottled Lysol will. 

TSA has allowed you to bring as many wipes as you want to. There is no restriction on size and amount. Here is the screenshot of TSA allowing passengers to have disinfecting wipes.

can you bring lysol wipes on a plane 2

Do wipes count as a liquid?

Wipes are not considered liquid, so you can take as many as you like in your luggage. But when it comes to liquid disinfectants, the TSA rule is the same as for all the liquids. You can bring the sprays bottle of 3.4oz (100ml) on a plane. If you have large bottles, pack them in a checked bag. 

Most travelers who have some health issues or are more concerned about the cleanliness take aerosol sprays on a plane. So it’s better to explain your need or issue to TSA officers to avoid any hassle. 

TSA regulations on Lysol products

TSA allows the passengers to take Lysol wipes on a plane without any restriction. However, passengers can take Lysol containers not larger than 3.4 ounces that are screened separately by airport security. The rule for sanitizers changed a little bit. Almost 12ounces bottles of sanitizers are allowed to carry on a plane. Other liquids, gels, and aerosols are still limited to 3.4 ounces and must be carried in a quart-size, clear bag.

How to Pack Wipes in Your Carry On?

Although you are allowed to carry wipes in your carry-on, the best idea is to pack them on the top edge of your bag. You might need wipes to clean a fold-down tray, armrest, and seatbelt, so keep them in a place from where you can easily use them. 

Moreover, Wet wipes blur the image of the airport scanner. Due to this, the TSA officer can ask you for deep checking of your bag. Due to this cause, it’s a good scheme to pack your wet wipes at the top of your baggage so you can remove them easily and can show the TSA officer that it was only Lysol wipes that were stopping up the view on their x-ray machines.

What Are the Best Disinfectant Wipes for an Airplane?

The best disinfectant wipes for surfaces on an airplane or any setting are the ones that kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. You can visit the manufacturer’s website to check if the wipes kill germs. Have a look at the label to ensure that whether it fulfills the desired criteria or not. However, wet Lysol antibacterial disinfectant wipes are best and preferably used in an airplane.

Can you bring alcohol wipes on a plane?

TSA gives no authentic permission on its official website. As some alcohol wipes have flammable properties, most combustible items are not allowed to take on a plane. Consider the rules of the departing country carefully because some countries allow you or some do not. Also, every country may allow you a certain concentration of alcohol in wipes. 


We have discussed that can you bring Lysol wipes on a plane or not. How to pack it on carry-on or in checked luggage? This is the best and easy way to kill germs and protect yourself on the plane. Before taking it must check the TSA rules and regulations of that country. Give your feedback below, and if you have any queries or you want any other travel information ask in the comments section.

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