Can You Bring Keys On A Plane? Complete Guide

Travelling can be easy when you know what to pack and where to pack. That too can be risky when you are planning to hop on a plane.

Long trips come with strict packing. So if you are the one who is planning with his car or house keys you might wonder if can you bring keys on a plane or not.

We’ll travel with keys on a plane does not seem like any trouble but you never know with the airport security.

So let us help you to grab all the knowledge about carrying keys on a plane. What to pack? How to cross the security check with the keys and where to keep them.

Can you bring keys on a plane?

Cutting a long story short. Yes, you can keep your keys on a plane. All types of keys are allowed on a plane. However, there are some packing and keeping tips we want to share here.

As keys can be extremely important, taking good care throughout the travel is necessary.
Here is the proof of TSA allowing the keys on a plane. A traveller asked TSA if she can keep her keys in her carry-on or in person. To which the TSA replied positively

Can you bring keys on a plane 3

Head on to the following context to know the safest places for your keys throughout the joinery.

Still not sure? Ask TSA

TSA is the transport security association that keeps a look at the security of flying passengers. Yes, these are the ones who set limitations on the things you can carry to a plane.

Looking through the not allowed list, we did not come across keys specifically. Therefore it can be said that you can keep your keys on a plane.

However just to be more sure, we headed towards their Twitter account and found someone asking the same question.

Hear Chris ask if you can keep the keys in person and board a flight. To which the TSA replied, that all types of keys are allowed on a plane. You just need to place it in the bin while you pass by the security check. Seems like a big yes to me!!

Can you bring keys in your carry-on?

Well, obliviously you can. Keys of any type, maybe of your house or the car are considered basic accessories. So there is no problem with that.

For the safe side, we do want to suggest you guys pack your keys in your carry where these are easily accessible. As you can never be sure of what might happen through the security check. You may need to remove the keys if asked by the security officer. So we suggest you to either have in your pocket or place them into a good transparent zipper bag.

Even when you have to place them in a bin, you can easily identify yours by the packing. SMART!

Can you bring keys in checked baggage?

Keys are good to go in your checked baggage. But wait! Would you risk your essentials such as keys being stolen or lost? The packing alert lies just here. We personally don’t recommend packing such essential items as your car keys or the keys to the apartment as something that can be lost or stolen.

For the safest option, try to pack your keys in your Carry on or keep them in person.

Can I take keys through the airport security check?

As per the travelling rules by TSA, you can pass through the security check with anything not mentioned on the “Restrict ITEM list”.

However, you have to put aside your keys in the examination bin while passing through the metal detectors.

It is not a big issue as you already have to keep your phone wallets in those bins. But make sure you do not forget your keys in a hurry.

As such incidents have been seen by some of the travellers. Mike inquired TSA about the lost keys he missed picking from the bin. To which TSA replied to contact the airport office

keys through the airport security check

As most travellers miss on grabbing back their keys from the bins, the early reach to the airport is the best suggestion I can give. Or you can simply put them in your Carry on.

Can you bring house keys on a plane?

House keys are allowed on a plane. For a risk-free journey, try to pack them in a carry-on. Keeping them in your pocket can be also good. However, the security check will require you to put aside your keys in a separate bin.

One of the travellers asked TSA if she can bring her house keys on a plane. To which the TSA replied a yes.

house keys on a plane

Can you bring your car keys on a plane?

Car keys like any other keys are considered the normal accessory. So you can surely keep them on a plane.

We better ask you to pack these in your Carry on or any place where you can reach them easily. You may have to remove them if you have them in person while through the security check.

Can I bring key chains in my carry-on or pocket?

Key chains with or without the keys are allowed in carry-on and in person. You can also pack these in your checked baggage if it’s one of the souvenirs you are bringing back home.
Tonya asked TSA about having key chains in carrying on to which TSA replied positively to her query.

key chains in my carry-on or pocket

Final words

So for the final Verdict on whether can you bring keys on a plane, I say why not? Your car or apartment keys are good to go in your Carry on, in person and even in your checked baggage. Make sure you keep your keys in the separate bin while you pass through the security check. And much importantly, don’t miss it.

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