Can You Bring Eyeshadow Palettes On A Plane? Complete Guide

There are some cosmetic essentials that don’t seem to be much important for a trip, but your tour can be boring without them. For example, the way eye shadow palettes make up your eyes. Nothing does, even if you have all other makeup products. No one wants to miss the chance of glamming up on vacations or tours. So it’s essential to think of eyeshades packing before leaving. But can you bring eyeshadows palettes on a plane or not? Read the article below to find out all the questions in your mind.

Can you bring eyeshadow palettes on a plane?

If you want to bring your favorite eyeshades on a plane, then pack them in your carry-on without any fret. According to TSA, makeup or cosmetic products are allowed to take on a plane, but some restrictions apply if you have liquid products.

As mostly eyeshadows lie in the powdered category of product, TSA will totally be OK with that. But if you have creamy eyeshadows, pack them in a separate liquid bag. Let’s have a look at what TSA says about powdered makeup.

TSA powder makeup

TSA shows the green light to Liz when she asks about eyeshadow palette packing.

Can you bring eyeshadow palettes on a plane TSA

Does Eyeshadows have to be in a plastic bag on a plane?

As we have mentioned earlier, if you are thinking of taking liquid/creamy eyeshades with you, it needs extra packing. But the everyday eyeshadows are powdered and weigh between 0.25oz-1.7oz. If you have a bigger palette, then it’s better to check its weight before placing it in a carry-on. The palettes with a weight of more than12oz need to pack in a separate bin for extra screening. 

Do creamy eyeshadows consider a liquid?

TSA considers creamy eyeshadows as a liquid and the liquid 3-1-1 rule implies them. Cream eyeshadows shouldn’t be in containers larger than 3.4oz or 100ml. Pack them in a clear quart-size plastic bag.

Crayon eyeshades are not considered liquid so they don’t follow the liquid 3-1-1 rule. You can pack them in your makeup bag easily.

Does Eyeliner count as a liquid?

Eyeliner has different categories, it depends on the type of eyeliner you are packing. Baked liner with a brush does not fall in the liquid category so pack it freely anywhere in your carry-on.

Pencil eyeliner with fluid inside has no clarity that they need to go in a quart-size plastic bag or not. Maybe the thick pen eyeliner that has a significant amount of fluid needs to be packed in your toiletry bag. However, the final decision is by the TSA agent at a checkpoint.

How do you pack an eyeshadow palette for travel?

Eyeshadow palette is a delicate and expensive cosmetic product that can easily smash by a small hit. So it’s necessary to look up some safety tips for packing your palette securely before leaving. Here we are going to share the 3 eyeshadow packing methods with you.

Cotton pads packing

This packaging trick is quite tricky and needs a little bit of struggle. But if you are taking a super-expensive palette with you, then it’ll be worthwhile. In this, you need to make a small cotton ball and place it on shadows before closing the palette. It will give extra cushioning and shock absorption to the shadows. You can also use tissues balls or powder puffs if cotton pads don’t work.

Bubble-wrap packing

Bubble wrap is the top method that is commonly used for packing delicate essentials. Unpack your eyeshadow palette from its original packing and wrap it with a double layer of bubble wrap. It will not only keep your eyeshades safe but also don’t take up extra space in your bag as the original packaging take.

Pack up in a makeup bag

You might have seen numerous makeup bags, but padded bags are preferable for the safe packaging of eyeshades. You can place all other beauty products safely in such bags, and you don’t need to do something extra for your eye palette. Even if you are not OK with this, wrap your makeup bag with clothes for extra shielding.


Can you bring eyeshadow palettes on a plane? Of course, Yes. If you are wondering about bringing other goodies on a flight, ask below in the comment section. We are looking forward to fulfilling your requests. Have a fantastic vacation. 

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