Can You Bring Eggs On A Plane? Complete Guide

So what are your thoughts on bringing the eggs on a plane? Do you find it unsafe? Liquidy? Does the packaging bother you?

Although this can be a bit easy decision to make, enormous forms of eggs that can be consumed by us on a plane really change the game.

There can be scrambled eggs, hard-boiled ones, omelettes, and runny egg salads.

But what if you want to extend your egg- speciation from the packing and want to have uncooked shelled eggs on a plane?

Well this and many more queries regarding can you bring eggs on a plane, we are here to help.

Can You Bring Eggs On A Plane?

Yes, you surely can bring eggs on a plane. Even if the eggs are hard-boiled or fresh out of the farmer’s market, they are good to go. For the basic things such as an omelette or anything you want to eat on a plane, that too is good to go.

However, make sure you pack it the right way. Your best bet is to have them in your Carry on. Or I still prefer packing them in a personal carry bag.

Or if you are the one who lived to pack in the checked baggage. You may have the chance of scrambling your eggs on the way. You know what I mean. Nothing as Fragile as eggs can stay put in the checked baggage.

What TSA has to say about carrying eggs on a plane?

TSA runs the security for the passenger and airport airlines for safe travel. Mostly the things that are restricted by TSA are listed on their page.

However, the question Can you carry eggs on a plane is yes. You can being all types of eggs in the checked baggage and carry-on.

Can You Bring Eggs On A Plane TSA

Do take care of the packing for spill-free travel. Moreover, the consistency of the eggs also matters.

A passenger asked the TSA about bringing the eggs on a plane, the carton ones. The TSA responded to him to take care of the liquid rule as eggs outside shells are considered liquid.

Liquid Eggs on Plane

Another passenger asked if the egg salad is considered a liquid to which the TSA replied ass mixed eggs with sauces must follow the liquid rule.

Egg Salad On A Plane

How to pack eggs on a plane?

Eggs may be considered hard due to their shells but may be considered liquid if taken outside the shell.

Still the packing counts. I suggest you keep your eggs in the carton if they are uncooked. Plus wrapping the Carton with bubble wrap adds a little protection to them.

For the hard-boiled or cooked eggs, you can pack them inside any container or just between the bead slices or any way you like to have them. These can be placed in carry-on or checked baggage.

Lastly, for the liquid or mixed eggs in sauce or any other liquid dressing, you may have to follow the liquid rule. This is actually restricting the overall amount to 100ml or 3.4 oz.

do eggs explode on plane?

Eggs are fragile with the shell outside and runny yolk and white inside. While packing them, many of us think that would the eggs explode on the plane.

Well let me tell you the thing, the eggs won’t explode on a plane. Not at least from the air pressure. However, the cab gets damaged if there are carried roughly by the airport inspectors and baggage handlers. So do not miss the packaging.

can you ship eggs internationally?

Eggs are allowed on international flights. As per TSA, all types of eggs are allowed on a plane. However, the policy can be different if you are travelling internationally.

You may have to reconsider the decision after asking it your destination security.

And if they allow, the eggs are allowed in checked baggage as well as carry-on.

However, you won’t be allowed to bring liquid or carton eggs in your Carry on without considering the 100ml rule.

how to travel with fresh eggs?

Fresh eggs are not considered liquid by TSA security as long as they are intact with a hard shell outside.

For packing purposes, I would suggest keeping the eggs in the cartons and wrapping a bubble-protecting wrap for a little protection.

Plus consider the carry-on luggage as their travel destination. Or for more security, you can always keep the cartons in hand and place them eventually beneath the front seat.

can you bring boiled eggs on a plane?

Yes, hard-boiled eggs are allowed on a plane. As they are not runny and will not ruin the luggage during security check you can keep them in carry-on as well as in checked baggage.

Being solid, they don’t have any packing exceptions.

can you bring scrambled eggs on a plane?

As per the TSA rules, scrambled eggs are allowed on a plane. You can pack them as a sandwich or directly in a spill-proof container.

can you bring cooked eggs on a plane?

All types of cooked eggs are allowed on a plane. However, Taking the boiled egg salads on a plane will require TSA liquid rule.

Suppose you can have the dips and sauces with the cooked eggs packed separately so the eggs don’t be considered liquid. You can always use the sauce on a plane but try not to mix them with eggs before you pass the security check.

can I take eggs through airport security?

Eggs are good to go through airport security As they don’t typically fall in the liquid category.

For the fertilised eggs, you can always ask the security inspector to have a look at the eggs carefully.

On the other hand, everything intact inside a shell is considered solid and you still have to put eggs in the x Ray bin to have them scanned.

Final Verdict

The final Verdict on can you bring eggs on a plane is yes. You are only suggested to keep or pack the eggs in the carry-on for extra security and protection. For uncooked or fertilised eggs, keeping them next to you in the air cabin is necessary to care. However, you can still ask the security Checker to examine the eggs properly without shuffling them much as they might break.

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