Can You Bring Chips On A Plane? Complete Guide

Plane travelling is not an enjoyable thing for sure, especially when you are travelling so far. So plan for a better flight and assemble the things you like to do on the plane. Packing snacks is surely a delightful thing on a flight. Chips are a good option to fulfil unwanted cravings during flight. But can you bring chips on a plane? Let’s dive into its detail.


Can you Bring Chips on a plane?

To all the chips admirers, never get depressed while travelling by plane. You are allowed to bring chips liberally and binge over them anytime. If you want to take your favourite chips on a plane, then pack them in without any tension.TSA allows you to bring all types of solids Food on a plane through airport security. To get chips on a plane, TSA has some rules and regulations. You must be aware of these rules before a flight to pack chips with you. We will discuss the TSA guidelines next. 

Can you bring chips through airport security in your carry-on baggage?

Yes, the TSA will permit you to bring chips like potato or vegetable chips in your carry-on luggage through airport security. If the chips are not brought in actual packing, you must pack them in plastic bags or sealed containers. There are no limitations on the number of chips packs. You can take as many as your hand luggage allows.

Can you bring chips on an aeroplane in your checked baggage?

Yes, you can take chips in your checked baggage while boarding a flight within the US. You can bring as many chips as you’d like in your permitted checked luggage. To avoid chips from getting busted, pack them in sturdy containers with air-tight lids.

TSA chips rules 

The TSA doesn’t particularly indicate chips on their website. They say that solid snacks are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage. We have checked on TSA official Twitter to see if anyone had asked about chips directly or not. This is what we found. 

TSA Chips rules

Can you bring snacks on a plane?

Yes, of course, you can bring any snack on a plane from home by following the instruction of TSA. Snacks like peanut butter yoghurt, etc are allowed. When you want to bring liquid items must follow the standard quantity as per the 3-1-1 rule. Any Food that you buy after the security checkpoints at the airport, they no need to obey the 3-1-1 rule.

Can you bring snacks on a plane

TSA has no separate statement on the bringing of chips but we can assume from the above statement that chips are allowed on a plane.

Can you bring pringles on a plane?

Yes, you can bring pringles on a plane.TSA is allowed to take any chips or pringles in hand luggage. It doesn’t matter if your  Pringles are opened or not. If it is not in actual packaging, it’s not a big deal. Pack them in any container and bring them on a plane.

Can you bring Doritos on a plane?

Yes, you can bring Doritos and packaged tortilla chips that are no longer in their actual packaging. But they should be packed in a sealed bag or container with a covered lid. There is no limit to the number of tortilla chips to bring in your luggage. You can bring as many tortilla chips as you’d like.

Can you bring open chips on a plane?

Yes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will permit you to bring open potato chips. You can also take various types of vegetable chips through airport security in your carry-on baggage.

Can you bring a big bag of chips on the plane?

Yes, you can bring a big bag of chips from airport security. TSA doesn’t notice chips as a security threat. It might periodically want to do extra screening on a food item, but as it’s solid then, you’ll be able to pass through security.

What are the best chips to bring on planes?

Whenever we talk about chips the first thing that comes to our mind is potato chips. No doubt these are the best things to enjoy while watching a movie or listening to music. Other than this, packing chetos that are not much spicy are also a good option to have with sandwiches served by Airlines.

If you want to go with healthy snacking, then banana organic plantain chips will do the job. Because these chips offer quality healthy ingredients.

Can you bring chips on an international Flight??

Yes, you are good to go for taking chips on a plane to or from the US. As per TSA rules, chips are considered solid and can be packed in carry-on as well as checked luggage.

However, do not miss the packing limitations if you are trying to take dips for your chips on a plane. All these packing regulations also apply to all domestic flights within the US.

Can you take dips for chips on a plane??

If you want to enjoy your chips with your favorite dip on a plane, you can always do it.
All types of dips are allowed on a plane. However as TSA takes these dips as liquid, your packing must follow the liquid rule.

Cheese or salsa, you are good to enjoy it with your chips as long as it is below 3.4oz packaging in a quart-sized bag.

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 Can you bring chips on a plane or not? Of course yes. This article gave information about how to bring and pack chips in your baggage according to TSA rules and regulations. If you want more information to bring other snacks on a plane, comment below. We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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