Can You Bring Advil On A Plane? Complete Guide

Advil or ibrufen are anti-inflammatory medicines that can be used to treat allergic attacks, pain, or fever. Traveling with such helpful medication can help you relieve your traveling in such pandemics.

But as we know that TSA has rules of its own for carrying medicines along, most of you must be not sure of packing medicines along. Well, here we are to give you the briefing on can you bring Advil on a plane. Let’s dig in.

Can you bring Advil on a plane?

Yes, you can!! Well, why not? What can go wrong with taking a pain reliever on a plane? Advil I’d the gel-filled capsule taken for pain and fever. As it contains liquid gel in the capsule, some of us must confuse it with liquid medication. The liquid medicines do have certain regulations to be taken on a plane. But with filled capsules, TSA exempts them from the law.

You do not need to be specific about the quantity of the medicine. As for Liquid medicines, you have to keep them below 3.4 oz

What TSA has to say about taking liquid filled medicines?

TSA is good with liquid-filled medicines or capsules. They don’t limit your quantity as well if all of your medicines are through the proper scan.

Just to be sure, Nancy asked TSA on a social media platform if she could bring fluid-filled capsules with her. To which the TSA replied with a YES.


Also, there is no limit on Taking pill medications on a plane. Even when it’s fluid-filled.

Another user, Gail asked TSA if he could take a bottle of medicines with 300 plus pills to which the TSA replied in an agreement.


Other Liquid Medicines

With all other liquid medicines, yes you can bring these liquid medicines in more than 3.4 oz. You do not have to stick to the quantity for children medicines e like liquid Advil or Tylenol.

The TSA specifically exempt these liquid medicines from the quantity when a user asked about them.


Can you bring Advil in your Carry on baggage?

With medicines like Advil, there is no chance of spilling or breaking it. Your liquid gel will not split out so you can always keep your Advil in your Carry on

Plus, as it counters the pains and fever you must keep it in your nearest approach whenever you are traveling with a baby.

Just to be sure a user asked the same question and got answered precisely by the TSA.


Can you bring Advil in your checked baggage?

Putting medicines in your checked baggage Can be risky as you do not know if your bag will land safely at the destination. Plus if it gets lost, you don’t know if you are gonna have that same medicine in your new destination.

So just to be safe, I suggest you not put your medicines in your checked baggage. But still, if you do so, all you have to do is to get them through proper screening.

Do you need to have prescription for the medicines?

If you are on a domestic flight in the USA, the officers don’t require the prescription or the labeled bottles for the pills. There is no need for a special doctor’s letter aswell to carry more amount of pills.

However, your luggage and pills will go through proper scanning by the security officers. Don’t get ruled over the fact that no prescriptions mean you can take any drug on a plane.

Some drugs are banned if you are traveling on an international Flight while some countries will not even bother about them.

To clear the notion of taking labeled bottles of pills, some asked TSA about it and got replied in the following manner.



With regard to taking pills medication on a plane, taking Advil on a flight is easier than taking liquid medicines on A plane. There is certainly no restriction over taking gel-filled medicines or capsules in regards to their quantity or even packing. You can have your emergency pills in your Carry on without thinking of the prescription aswell.

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