Can You Bring A Water Bottle On A Plane? Complete Guide

Traveling to some people is kind of getting every little thing for themselves so their traveling hours glide away smoothly. With every little thing, I also mean a water bottle. Yes, you heard it right.

There are most of you are concerned about your hydration levels holistically and don’t know whether to take risk of leaving the water bottle behind or not. So there is a frequent question that we get to hear, can you bring a water bottle on a plane. Answer to this may seem easy as what can go with taking a water bottle for yourself

But we surely have to go through all the liquid rules that TSA imposes on its passengers for a safety check through travel.

So let us head on to finding the right way of taking water bottles on a plane.

Can you bring a water bottle on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a water bottle on a plane. There are chances that you typically have the reusable water bottle from the airport snack shop or either get your own water bottle. So here is the deal. All reusable and other water bottles are allowed on a plane. Sounds great?

But hold on! There is the exception for a water bottle as well when it’s filled. If your bottle is filled you might not get across the security line without dumping your water.

The reason is the security check post. You wither have to dump your disposable water bottle before the security check post. Or you may dump the water only to get your own water bottle across the checking line. Your own bottle can be always filled again once you are in the lounge. Or there are always the chances that the Airplane crew offers you complimentary water. So don’t get panic if your left or miss your bottle anywhere outside the plane.

Can You Bring A Water Bottle On A Plane TSA

TSA Liquid Rule

Whenever there are panicked passengers regarding what to take and what to keep during a flight, TSA is here to help. According to the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rules, you can take all kinds of liquids, gels, and compressible liquids within a range of 100ml to 3.4 oz. Anything above this can make you lose your item.

However, there are still some ambiguities regarding this rule among most of you. Anything consumable and liquids or spreadable like jams, peanut butter, and water must be under the restricted value. Plus the bonus point is that you can carry these in your Carry on for on-flight use.

For water bottles, TSA will ask you to dump the water before you pass the security check. However, keep in mind to take the reusable water bottle if want to refill it once you board in. So you do not have to keep your water bottle empty while boarding the plane.

What types of bottles are allowed on planes?

Now as we have done the discussion about overtaking a water bottle on a plane, you may be curious about what types of water bottles are allowed on a plane. Here is the quick answer for the most used bottles.

Glass water bottles

Glass water bottles are allowed on a plane in your Carry on. But make sure you keep it empty until you cross the security check.

Steel water bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are also allowed on a plane in your Carry on.

Water flasks

Empty Water flasks and other water bottles with heavier weights and bigger sizes are also allowed on a plane in your Carry on.

What is the largest size water bottle allowed on a plane?

According to the liquid rule, only the liquids have the limit to be on a plane. All kinds of water bottles when empty are allowed on a plane without any size restriction. If your water bottle fits into your Carry on luggage, you are good to go through the security check with any bottle size.

However, if your bottle contains frozen water or Any other liquid, you can take the frozen liquid across too. Only if you are lucky enough to reach the security checkpoint before it gets melted. Pretty tough but you can take your chances.

Here is the proof with the exception of frozen water:


Can I take water for my baby’s milk on a Plane?

Water like any other liquid is allowed on a plane only in a restricted amount. However, there are some exceptions for taking water on a plane for babies. TSA allows you to have an ample amount of water on a plane of its for your baby’s feed.

Parents are allowed to have ample water and milk supply for their babies. Mothers can have the expressed breastfeed more than the restricted liquid amount to feed their child during the journey.

Plus you do not have to keep the water for milk in a separate liquid bag. But it’s better you notify the officer that you have separate water and milk for your baby. And don’t miss having your baby with you while you are applying for this exception at am airport.

Here is how TSA has managed to answer your question related to taking water for infants on a plane.

Can I take water for my baby’s milk on a Plane

Can I take water for my fish on a plane?

Well if your fishes are alive, TSA does not restrict their water level as well. Although keeping a live fish alone is unnecessary. However, if you are to keep your fish alone, you can take an ample amount of water for your fish.

To avoid any further issues with taking fuss along do not forget to notify the officer about it. They will obviously suspect the fish before you hop onto the plane with it. However, I still suggest you keep up with your airline to know if fish are allowed or not.

If you are still wondering how can you keep your fish on a plane, here is what TSA has to say about it.

Can I take water for my fish on a plane

Can I bring an empty water bottle on a plane?

You surely can. Empty water bottles of all kinds are allowed on a plane. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the size of the bottle if it’s empty when you board a plane.

Can I bring an empty water bottle on a plane

Why can’t you bring water on a plane?

Water can be replaced with other dangerous chemicals like hydrogen peroxides that can be used as inflammable liquids, therefore bottles filled with water are not allowed on a plane.

Can I bring an empty metal water bottle on a plane?

Empty metal water bottles are allowed on a plane without any restriction on their size. Besides keeping empty, these metal water bottles must be placed in your Carry on as you pass across the security check. TSA shows the green light to coach wander when he asked about bringing off the steel water bottle.


Can I take a hydro flask on a plane?

Empty hydro water flasks are allowed on a plane without the exception of their size. These can be placed in carry-on and checked luggage. Here is the response that TSA gives to netizens about hydro flasks.




As my final Verdict for can you bring a water bottle on a plane, I suggest you bring the empty water bottles from your house to get filled at the lounge. As your water will be dumped during the security check, you will have to get a refill. However, also keep in mind that the water bottle must be empty as you board a plane.

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