Can You Bring A Steamer On A Plane? Complete Guide

Portable steamers can be life-saving when you have to reset yourself after a long flight. Or some of us would go straight to attend a meeting after getting off a plane.

So what would be more helpful than having your own steamer? But you may ask, can you bring a steamer on a plane? Does TSA allow it? Does the size of it matter? Do you have to pay extra for taking it?

Well, a short answer to your question Is yes. Steamers are allowed on a plane. But for certain detailed answers, keep on reading the following context to pamper yourself with a good gadget even on a plane or to any other destination you want to go. The presentation always counts!!

Can you bring a steamer on a plane?

The answer is yes without a doubt. But there must be some rules that you may need to follow strictly whether you pack your steamer in checked baggage or the carry-on.

Out of all the regulations, all you need to consider is a compact and smaller steamer that you may easily fit into your Carry on. In case you have to pack it in your checked baggage, the size still matters. Do overdo your allowed luggage weight.

I can still guess some of the common questions and queries rising in your mind. Worry not, I have worked out most of your queries regarding taking a steamer on a plane down below. But first Ask TSA.


TSA is the transport security authority that plays its part in making your travel easy and safe. From flying rules to packing regulations and tips, you can ask anything anytime from their Twitter handle @AskTSA.

For our topic of interest, I also hopped to the Twitter page of the authority. At first, there was no certain regulation for steamers in the electronic list.

Digging up further turned me towards some of the queries asked by the passengers regarding taking a steamer on a plane. And guess what? We got the answers too !!

Trivia asked TSA if he could have his handled steamer on a plane to which TSA replied confidently. The TSA reply made it of assurance that every hand let steamer is safe to keep on a plane.


Can you bring a steamer in a carry-on?

As mentioned earlier, TSA allows all the handheld steamers on a plane to carry on with empty reservoirs. There must be no water when it’s packed in your Carry on.

One of the passengers, Angelina asked if she could keep her handheld steamer in her carry-on. The TSA replied the same way as they have mentioned earlier. TSA reassured bringing a handheld steamer in a carry-on.


Can you bring a steamer in checked baggage?

Like carry-on, bringing a steamer in checked baggage is also as safe as it is in a carry-on. But still, if you do not want to take chances with your steamer handling, I would suggest packing it in a carry-on.

Although checked bags are always not handled badly, there are also the chances of it. Moreover, if you are planning to pack a bigger steamer in your luggage, then packing it in your checked baggage is the ideal situation. But do pack it in a strong packing or any wooden box. As you never wish to damage your steamer in any way.

Here is the answer to an anonymous passenger from TSA regarding a packing steamer in checked luggage.


Can you bring a steamer on an International Flight?

All the packing and traveling rules are mostly led by the airlines themselves, it is also the duty of the transport authority to make passages, travel, and luggage safe.

So there are no particular issues that an airline might have regarding taking a steamer on a plane. Neither does the TSA has its issues with it. All you have to consider is the size and the empty water reservoir of your steamer to avoid any spatial issues during the packing and scanning of the luggage.

Here are some quick grabs for packing a steamer for a flight:

  • Try to be minimal as much as you can
  • Make sure your steamer reservoir is empty
  • Try to pack it in your Carry
  • Secure it with tough packing If it is to be packed in checked baggage
  • Make sure you don’t overdo the allowed luggage quantity

Can you take iron on a plane?

There are no certain prohibition rules for taking iron on a plane. As per the TSA rules, irons can be prohibited on a plane if they can cause damage due to their material or weight. Security officers have the edge of removing iron from your baggage if they see it as a harmful thing to be carried on a plane. Otherwise, if your iron is lightweight and portable, the suggested packing place for it is checked baggage only.

Can I take a mini steamer on a plane?

A mini clothes steamer is allowed in your checked baggage as well as the carry-on if its water reservoir is kept empty. It is more sensible to pack a handheld cloth steamer in your Carry on as it takes less space and is easily approachable especially when you are traveling by plane.

How to pack a steamer?

To pack a steamer in checked luggage, remove water from its pot. Instead of packing it in a box, wrap it in a piece of cloth so it takes less space in the luggage. In carry-on, you don’t need any strict wrappings as the things have less chance of getting damaged.

For checked luggage, you have to make sure that the steamer is packed well so that it doesn’t get damaged if luggage hits somewhere. Secure your steamer in its original box packaging to avoid any damage. 

Keep one thing in mind, buy a travel friendly steamer so that it doesn’t take much space in your luggage. This way you will not run out of space in a bag.

Our final Verdict

My Final Verdict of can you bring a steamer on a plane is definitely a yes. There is nothing that might stop you from having your steamer on a plane with you as long as it is small and water-free. Make sure you pack it in your Carry on for easy go-and-grab situations. Or else you can also keep it in your checked baggage for delayed use.

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