Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane? Complete Guide

Vacation can be fun, but what if someone wants to skate through the streets of an unknown destination? Sounds fascinating? Well, it really is.

That is why some of us, the street wanderers never miss out on our skateboards.

But is it even allowed on board? Can you bring a skateboard on a plane? How can you pack it? Do we need to pay extra for carrying it?

This and a lot more !! Head on to the context below and grab all the tricks of having a skateboard on board !!

Can you bring a skateboard on a plane?

Yes, you can!! Knowing the answer should have been a great relief to the skateboarders. But, there are some restrictions that you need to follow. Also, the TSA has given a green signal to your skateboard across the security. However, you still need to consider the airline’s rules to have your trip partner along.

What does TSA have to say about taking a skateboard on a plane?

TSA is the security department of transportation responsible for regulating the safety rules. Considering the size, shape, and safety reasons, TSA has shown a green signal for having skateboards on a plane.

On their official website, the TSA has posted the regulations for skateboarding on a plane. It seems like they don’t have any objection with the onboard skateboard as far as airlines are allowing.


Can you bring a skateboard on a plane as a carry-on?

Anything or any luggage that a traveler takes to the cabin is considered a carry-on or personal item. As cabins have limited storage space, there are some size limitations over the luggage. If you want to take your skateboard as a carry-on, firstly you must consider the size of your item, and secondly do check that with your airline.

As per the traveling rules within the United States, the carry-on size is 22× 14× 9 inches.

The linear Inches Method

Although there is no restriction shown by the TSA over a skateboard, however, there are some size issues with it. A skateboard ranges from 28 to 33 inches nearly. So the bad news here is, that this goes way beyond the allowed dimensions.

However, some the airlines like Delta and American have figured out the linear inches method. This means that your dimensions of carry-on must fall within 45 inches altogether.

So if your skateboard is 30 inches in length, its width and height must follow within 45 inches of total.

For the safe side, it’s better to keep up with the present airline regulations. I guess this is the reason why mini skateboards are trending Al over the Internet.

Can you bring a skateboard as checked luggage?

As per TSA rules, a skateboard within checked luggage is a 100% yes. You can pack your skateboards in and as your checked luggage on any airline.

However, a skateboard may weigh more than you expect. So there can be some additional charges for overweighing.

Although checked baggage can be the easy way out, but checked luggage can be a bit damaging.

So if you don’t want to lose your skateboard during the security check or any transit,  make sure you separate the wheels from it.

Removing the wheels can highly reduce the chances of your skateboard being stolen.

How much do you have to pay to bring a skateboard on a plane?

Taking your skateboard as checked baggage is free as it suits your luggage allowance. Only if it overweighs the total luggage, do you have to pay for the extra weight as usual.

Furthermore,  for electric skateboards packing can be a bit different. Especially if your skateboard is equipped with lithium batteries, you have to remove those. These batteries can then be carried in the cabin in carry on for safety reasons.

Airlines with their “Skateboard Policies”

Now as we have mentioned all the dimensions and packing issues, let us get to some of the famous airlines and their rules:

  • American Air

American Air also requires your skateboard to follow the basic carry-on dimensions and the 45 linear dimensions to be as carry-on. Elsewhere your skateboard must be checked.


  • Allegiant  Air

Another traveler asked allegiant airlines if he can bring his 31 inches skateboard on the plane as a carry-on. To which the airline responded no and asked him to take it as checked luggage.


  • Spirit airlines

Spirit airlines on the contrary have chosen the extra luggage fees survival model. Being a low-cost airline, only excessive luggage payments can be their thriving chances.

Therefore your skateboard may cost you some extra dollars as you travel with these airlines. Just as spirit airlines charged $50 to a traveler for his skateboard booked to his book bag.

Spirit Airlines 2

  • Southwest Airlines

Southwest is quite relaxed about having carry-on luggage. While replying to Becca about her skateboard packing concerns, Southwest airlines mentioned no need of packing it separately if it fits under the seat or the storage cabin.

Southwest Airlines 2

  • Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines follows the linear inches rule and therefore allows the traveler to bring a long skateboard as a carry-on.

The airlines strictly mentioned the linear measurement must not be violated under any conditions.


  • Alaska Airlines

Cassette verified to Alaska Airlines if she could bring her skateboard on a plane without a bag. To which Alaska airlines replied that anything as carry-on must meet the dimensions allowed. Which are typically 22×14×9 inches. However, the thing they miss to mention is their linear inches method which Alaska airline typically follows.


  • Jet blue

In the same way, JetBlue asked the travelers to carry their skateboard as a carry-on if it does not exceed the 22×14×9 inches criteria. Moreover, all the smaller skateboards are allowed as carry-on.


  • United airlines

Also,  Judith asked United Airlines if he can keep the skateboard as a carry-on. To which the airlines replied, you can keep the skateboard if it fits the basic carry-on dimension criteria, or else it will be checked.

United Airlines 2

Final words

So for the final Verdict regarding can you bring a skateboard on a plane, I consider them taking them as checked baggage. As most of skateboards are longer than 22 inches in length and most airlines typically don’t follow the 45 linear dimension rules, it is more convenient to take no risk in paying extra. Even as checked luggage,  you can remove the wheels from it for further safety and risk of being stolen.

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