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Can You Bring A Portable Speaker On A Plane? Complete Guide

Going on a travel a can’t decide whether you can your personal Bluetooth or portable speakers onboard? Well, that might ruin the mood on and off travel but taking portable speakers on a plane without any packing issues makes you lucky.

For someone like me, losing my expensive Apple Home Pod or Amazon Echo is clearly not the loss I want to start my journey with.

So without further ado, If you are curious to know all the checklist and packing tips about can you bring a portable speaker on a plane, hang on to the article below and we are more than sure about sorting your issues.

Can you bring a portable speaker on a plane?

To make myself sure of can you bring a portable speaker on a plane or not, I strictly followed the TSA webpages to know their notion.

Heading on to their list of what can be brought on a plane brought me the sigh of taking my speakers along.

So yes, it’s good news for all who wanna groove to their favorite music lists on a good vacay !!

As per the rules of TSA and their guidelines to pack your speakers, you certainly can take your portable speakers in your Carry on as well as your checked baggage.

Now let us know the packing tips after hearing the good news regarding our specific article because you actually Don wanna lose your expensive purchase owing to a mistake in packing.

Can you bring a portable speaker on a plane TSA

What TSA has to say about taking portable speakers on a plane?

Whenever you are unclear about taking your personal item on board with you, the Transportation Security authority has its rules for safe travel.

There are do’s and don’ts considering the safety of the traveling passenger for domestic flights mostly.

Checking their allowance list, it can be seen that there is a clear yes for bringing your speakers on board.

Seeing their Twitter account and official website, we can simply see the permission for taking a portable speaker in your Carry on as well as the checked baggage.

But the real problem and taking issues prevail in some other regions, like its battery !!

As we have discussed before, the battery onboard can cause a quick and unwanted fire that usually would not be welcomed quite well by the staff as well as the passengers

Many Bluetooth portable speakers have built-in batteries that may not have the fierce outcomes as the speaker with removable batteries.

Removable batteries with exposed terminals would only need a gentle rub to get active that could end up in some time that you don’t want to face.

Considering the batteries, let us know more about taking the batteries in carrying on or checked baggage with all packing rituals.

Can you bring a portable speaker on a plane in your Carry on luggage?

Hoping to see the authentic results, I strictly jumped again to the Twitter handle of TSA and made it all clear.

On Twitter, people like you and I have made our work easier by already asking the questions like cab you bring a portable speaker on a plane, or can you bring big speakers on a plane.

TSA with its always serving attitude never missed a single question and replied with complete responsibility.

Here are some of the queries that some of the users asked and here is what TSA has replied to them.

Can you bring a portable speaker on a plane in your Carry on luggage

By replying to Vivek with his query to bring a portable charger with a lithium-ion battery cleared that all the speakers with lithium-ion batteries should be taken in the carry-on for safety purposes.

Can you bring a portable speaker on a plane in checked baggage?

Portable speakers taking the lithium-ion battery can be checked in in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Breaking the silence on the lithium-ion battery concerns, one user asked TSA about taking the Bluetooth speaker on a plane with lithium-ion batteries, the TSA replied to it with more support towards packing the speakers in the carry on with batteries installed than in checked baggage.

Furthermore, many other asked about the pre-installed batteries in speakers, and the TSA was fully convinced for packing those in checked baggage as installed and fixed batteries to do not buy that harm as the recoverable ones.

Can you bring a portable speaker with a lithium-ion battery?

Like it was suggested earlier, portable speakers with lithium-ion batteries fixed on them are considered to be packed in a carry-on for more security. However, these lithium-ion batteries can be also packed within the baggage without any further issues.

If you are likely to have your portable speaker in your carry-on, do not miss out on putting the speakers in a separate basket for the x-Ray machine just like you do for your laptop.

Can you bring a portable speaker on international flights?

As far as TSA is concerned, the authority regulates the packing and safety of domestic flights within the US. However if you are traveling to wow were out of States, you need to consult the specific airlines for any international destinations to pack your speakers in your checked luggage or even in the carry-on.

Well if you are very concerned, we can still assure you that bringing a portable speaker on a plane cannot be as trouble-making for your international flight.

However, if you feel lucky, people do miss their expensive speakers on the international flight if the battery crosses the limits of the allowed power on a plane.

All you need to know about bringing portable speakers on a plane

Here is a quick grab for the ones who are still wondering about can you bring a portable speaker on a plane or not.

Well here is a quick guide:

  • Pack your portable speaker in your Carry on, on priority basis
  • Try to make the x-Ray examination clear through the security check
  • You can pack your portable speaker with fixed batteries in your checked baggage
  • Speakers with removable lithium-ion batteries must be packed in carry on
  • Do not miss the prior consultation with the airline if you are traveling internationally

Our final Verdict

After considering all that people like you and me have to ask the TSA about can you bring a portable speaker on a plane, I still may consider packing it in the carry-on as there are Least chances of getting missed on your personal item of entertainment. I hope our efforts of putting light on the packing tips have made all the packing easier for you guys.


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