Can You Bring A Drone On A Plane? Complete Guide

Going on a trip and want to cease the beautiful aerial shorts so you can have the 360 memories? We’re you thinking about taking a drone along but can’t tell if it’s allowed or not? Or just scared of getting your drone confiscated for taking it on international flights? Well not to worry, we are here to let you know everything about can you bring a drone on a plane or not?

Let’s dig in!!

Can you bring a drone on a plane?

There are no regulations in America or any American airline that prohibits drone on a plane. So the good news is, yes you can bring a drone on a plane. There are also no such regulations of putting the drone in your Carry on or checked baggage certainly but there is always a gap for you to ask it specifically for the airlines if any.

So be sure you don’t want to miss your drone on a plane so double check your plans and packs before you hop on the plane.

What does TSA have to say about it?

TSA is the regulatory authority that makes the total journey safe for travelers. So according to the TSA rules, drones are not prohibited on a plane. You can keep your drone in your checked baggage or even in the carry-on.

As per TSA and FAA are concerned, there are no rules for passing the drones through the security check. If you still wanna know the packing tips, head on to the context given below.

Can you bring a drone on a plane TSA

Can you bring a drone in your Carry on?

Yes, TSA completely allows you to take the drone a carry-on. But in case you are trying to keep your drone in its case, make sure it fits perfectly in your Carry on or Carry luggage. More specifically, many airlines only allow a specific weight of the Carry on luggage so make sure you don’t overdo it while packing the stuff.

For the things like drones, Carry on luggage are the most suitable areas for packing as it has fewer chances of missing and confiscated.

Can you bring a drone in your checked baggage?

For drones, there are no restrictions on packing them in your checked baggage as well. Drones are completely safe in your checked baggage and they are easily passed through the security checkpoints. For the safe side, do let know your security officer about your drone and its case in case he tries to open it.

Moreover, with the airlines, there are no special rules for taking and packing the drone in your checked baggage on domestic flights. However, you must reconsider all the laws for international flights.

Can you take drone batteries on a plane?

Batteries are also a tricky thing to be yacking along as most of the batteries can spark out the flame in any case. So it is safe to tape your batteries so they don’t get rubber. Moreover, with batteries, it’s always with their capacity and cell size.

You can simply check your batteries as the power is mentioned on each battery. For the capacity, you can simply keep the battery of 100Kw in your luggage. For your Carry on, one battery of 100Kw is allowed while you can keep three of these in your checked baggage.

Can you bring a drone case on a plane?

The drone can be handy when it comes to packing them in the original casing. According to the size, these drones and their case can vary great sizes. As per you the rules of the airlines, you can keep only 1 carry-on with you in-cabin so make sure you don’t overdo the size of your case and the weight of the Carry one as it is fixed for every airline.

Can you bring a drone case on a plane

Can you bring a drone on an International Flight?

As per the rules of TSA and FAA, there are no restrictions of taking a drone on a domestic flight but these regulations only fall inside the United States. If you are traveling to any international destination, make sure of checking all the rules and regulations before you consider taking your journey partner along on a plane.

As some international countries do not allow drones in their countries, some want to have a special registration with them if you are bringing a drone on a plane to their country. This registration is more of an agreement taking such electronic things for safe use only in a new country.

Can I bring a drone on a Delta flight?

Delta airlines allows you to carry a drone in your hand luggage but the drone dimensions should not exceed 22*14*9 inches. It’s the restricted measurements set by airline, you can bring drone under this extent. Batteries of up to 160Wh are allowed on delta airlines.

Can you fly a drone in airport’s boundary?

You should avoid flying drone near the airport area as it can cause safety hazards. Manned aircrafts can’t see and avoid drones during their flight, so it’s better to avoid drone in such area for safety purposes.

How can you bring a drone on a plane?

If you are still wondering if can you bring a drone on a plane, here is the quick wrap of the guidelines that might help you in considering this decision?

  • Check through the TSA rules and regulation
  • Check through the airline’s rules of packing the drone
  • Go along the packing guides of the drone
  • For international flights, consider their rules and regulation
  • Do registration of taking the drone to the international destination if wanted
  • Keep the registration with you
  • Make your drone in its own case

Final words

For my final Verdict on can you bring a drone on a plane, I must say that it is not a big issue of taking it on domestic flights. You can simply take it with you on carry-on and checked baggage as nothing restricts it. However, for international flights, never miss the rules and regulations of the country you are flying to.

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