Can You Bring A Curling Iron On A Plane? Complete Guide

Electrical hair appliances have made life easy for us. Just in a glimpse of an eye, you can have the hair of your choice. So it’s essential to go through curling, straightening, or blow-drying before going out to have the desired look. 

Even so, it becomes complicated to maintain the needed look when you are on travel. Everyone’s priority is convenience, due to which most people love to pack their hair curlers with them. 

But have you thought that can you bring a curling iron on a plane? Can you get your hair curl done with your iron on tour? Will airport security allows you? Let’s find out all the details below.

Can you bring a curling iron on a plane?

Yes, you can take a curling iron of your choice on a plane without any hindrance. But as you know, a curling iron is an electrical appliance, so it needs extra attention during packing.

If you plan to pack curling iron of typical or cordless models, take it freely. Let’s have a look at what TSA says about it.

Can you take a gas curling iron in the carry-on?

Particular instructions are applied by the TSA for butane iron curlers especially. All the cordless curling iron with gas cartridge and butane are permitted in hand luggage but should be properly covered.

You have to keep the heating element covered with fitted safety. TSA has the following instruction for a butane curling iron.

Can you take a gas curling iron in carry-on 1

Can you bring a curling iron in checked luggage?

TSA guidelines go differently when it comes to packing curling iron in checked luggage. A traditional electric curling iron can pack in checked luggage without any hassle.

But you are not allowed to pack a butane curling iron checked bag at all. Some spare gas canisters are not permitted in hand and checked luggage at all.

TSA rules and regulations for hair appliances

TSA has the following statement for curling iron. 

“Though this electrical appliance can travel with ease, you still need to be careful about it. TSA has allowed the carriage of curlers internationally too, the only thing which can be troublesome here is the voltage of the curler. Usually, the voltage differs from place to place, considering the compatibility factor, which is tagged along with it”.

Other than this statement if you want to confirm more about the bringing of a curling iron, ask TSA on Twitter. Here is the screenshot from the TSA Twitter account in which the passenger got an immediate response.


If you want to sort out the voltage or plugging issues, have a solution from our following guidelines. 

Things to consider before packing curling iron

Iron’s dimensions

For smart packing or convenience, portable curlers with compact sizes are preferred. Although TSA doesn’t restrict you on the size of curling irons, big curlers make your hand luggage bulky.

Also, you can’t put extra essentials in a bag as hand luggage has weight restrictions. So make your travel burden-free by taking travel-friendly curlers with you.

Iron’s voltage

Voltage is the second thing you have to consider before taking curler with you. Most of the devices operate on 110 volts in the US and other countries on 220-240 volts.

So it’s better to look at your curler operating volts to be sure. It’s not the case for all the curlers because now, most irons are designed to operate on dual volts. 

Iron’s plugging

Electrical sockets differ from country to country, so it’s worth checking whether your iron plug will fit into the destination socket or not.

If you are traveling from Asia, Europe, UK to the US, you should have a travel adapter or converter. This way, you can utilize your device without any fret.

Other considerations

  1. Don’t use your curler before a flight.
  2. Ensure that your iron is properly covered and doesn’t have any gas element to support it.
  3. Pack your curling iron in a separate bag 
  4. Don’t put a curling bag in your hand luggage even after passing the checkpoint. 
  5. One curler is allowed to pack by one passenger.
  6. Make sure that your curler is cool enough if you have used it before a flight

Can You bring other hair curling products on a plane?

Not only basic curlers, but there are also many essentials that can be used to curl hair. A curling iron is long and a little bit bulky so if you are running out of space you can pack hot roller or brushes to style up your hair. But are you allowed to bring these products on a plane? Let’s discuss.

Hot air brushes

Hot air brushes have a cord and are powered by electricity just like curling iron. These brushes are totally allowed in your hand and checked luggage.

For the gas-based hot air brushes, the rules are the same as for the gas curling iron.

Hot rollers

You can pack electric hot rollers in your carry-on and checked luggage without any mess. You can safely pack hot rollers of any brand, type, or quantity without being worried about the TSA or airline’s restrictions.

Hot combs

If you are packing electric hot combs, make sure that they are not cordless. Hot combs with a cord are allowed to bring on a plane without any restrictions.

Can you bring a curling iron on a Plane on American airlines?

Yes, you can bring a curling iron, flat iron, or hair straightener in your carry-on and checked bags within the US. To bring them internationally, the rules and guidelines are different for each type of hair appliance.

We have mentioned the rules for cord and cordless curling iron above. However, the final decision is by the security officer whether he allows you to bring curling iron through a checkpoint or not.

Can you bring a flat iron on a plane?

All the hairstyling tools including flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer are allowed on a plane irrespective of their brand, cord and packing. For the butane or gas irons we have mentioned the guidelines above. 

Is A Hair Curling Wand Allowed On A Plane?

Do you want to go for perfect beach waves or thick curls instead of loose curls? Then taking a curling wand is the best option. The same rules and guidelines go for the curling wand as for the other hair appliances.

You can pack corded wand both in carry-on and checked luggage. Cordless wand are only allowed in hand luggage with special instructions.

Which type of irons can you take for curling?

According to TSA, you can have the following irons on a plane.

  1. Electric curling iron
  2. Butane curling iron( with special instruction)
  3. Hair straightener (also worked as curler)
  4. Blow dryer (use for loose curls)
  5. 3 in 1 iron for straightening, curling, and crimping

Final words

Hope so. Now you get the answers that can you bring a curling iron on a plane or not. You just have to keep in mind the TSA guidelines and some considerations discussed above.

Give your feedback below, and if you have any queries ask in the comment section. We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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