Can You Bring A Comb On A Plane? Complete Guide

Considering the fact that there is no such harm that a comb may cause, some of us still question, can you bring a comb on a plane or not?

Well, there are always some regulations when you are travelling by air. TSA marks the safety boundaries for you and the other travellers without a mistake.

So if you are the one who wants to fancy her or his hair before reaching the destination. Let us help you with all the related queries you might have in your mind.

Let’s dig in.

Can you bring a comb on a plane?

For a thing as basic as a comb, there is no such restriction overtaking it through airport security. So of course you can bring comb on a plane in carry-on as well as checked baggage for sure.

There are no special mentions of comb in what to keep a list of TSA. However many travellers have reached out to the Twitter account of @AskTSA to know their answers directly.

Here is how a traveller inquires about a comb through the Twitter platform. To which the TSA replied a confident YES!!

Can you bring a comb on a plane 1n

Let’s Ask TSA about it

As mentioned earlier, TSA does not mention the comb in their list. So TSA is clear about bringing combs on a plane.

For safety reasons, still, there are some kinds of combs and brushes that are not allowed in the cabin.

All the combs that are replicas of some kind of weapons or damaging items like scissors and knives are prohibited in the cabin. Such combs can be packed in the checked baggage only.

A traveller wants to know if he can bring the butterfly knife comb trainer on a plane.

To which the TSA replied to be packed in checked baggage only.


Can you bring a comb in your Carry on luggage?

Normal combs are considered as part of your makeup, therefore they can be kept as your personal item in your Carry on. These combs can include both plastic and metal.

Additionally, there is no such restriction on packing the combs in a quart-sized toiletries bag. You can toss your comb anyway and anywhere in your Carry on.

Can you bring a comb in your checked luggage?

As per the TSA rules for the replicas combs of some weapons, all such combs are required to be in the checked baggage.

You can keep your comb inside your checked baggage without any checking and packing issues.

A traveller asks TSA if he can take the switchblade comb on a plane.

To which the TSA replied that switchblade combs are restricted in carry-on and can be packed in checked baggage.


can you bring a rat tail comb on a plane?

Rat tail combs are pointed at one end but still are allowed in carry-on as well as checked baggage.

To make sure it’s making, a passenger asks the security services if it’s safe to take rat tail comb on a plane.

The TSA replied that such combs are good to go in your Carry on without any issues.

can you bring a rat tail comb on a plane n

Can I bring a lint roller on a plane?

Yes, the lint roller is allowed on a plane. These can be packed in your Carry on as well as checked baggage. So you may need to pick hairs from your dress after a quick comb, these are best suited as your Carry on item.

Can you bring a stainless steel wallet comb on a plane?

Even though it is made up of stainless steel, you can still have it on a plane. Also, keeping this directly in your wallet will not get you in any trouble.

Here is the proof of a traveller requesting the keep of steel wallet comb.

The TSA gave him the green signal


Can you bring a hair pick on a plane?

Hair picks are a usual pick of most travellers and are frequently asked to pack in checked baggage.

A traveller asks if she could take a hair pick along on a plane. To which the TSA completely permitted it on a carry-on.


Final words

The final Verdict on can you bring a comb on a plane is yes. Now you can style your hair anywhere anytime during a flight without any restrictions. Make sure you pack the right comb type in the right packing place as mentioned above. For international Flight, The rules stay the same but you can inquire about the airlines separately for the safe side. Till then, Happy Travelling and Safe Flights !!

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