Can You Bring A Blender On A Plane? Complete Guide

You are taking a few day breaks from your workspace and planning to have a short vacation to meet your family. While packing you wish to pack a home appliance like a bender in your hand luggage.

But due to TSA’s strict rules on bringing sharp items, you might get confused about can you bring a blender on a plane or not. To bring ease to our visitors we do extensive research on packing blenders in carry-on and checked luggage.

Let’s figure out all the regulations and guidelines of TSA. See how you can pack the blender in the best possible ways while maintaining space in your bag.

Can you bring a blender on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a blender on a plane, TSA allows you to bring it both in your carry-on and checked luggage by following guidelines.

Conversely, TSA has some different rules for packing blenders in carry-on rather than checked luggage. Remember that if you are traveling from non–TSA airports make sure to check the guidelines of your specific airline. Every airline has its own rules and regulations like what you can pack and or not in your luggage.

Can You Bring A Blender On A Plane TSA

TSA Rules for packing Your Blender with You

Bringing a blender on a plane is not difficult if you follow the guidelines carefully. Pack the blender’s blade tightly with the hard sheath. If the blades are not safely packed then it may cause a problem at a checkpoint while screening.

Secondly, for packing a blender in hand luggage, you must separate the blades of the blender and the jug. You can’t pack these two items altogether. Put the blender in your carry- on and wrap the blades with a protective sheath and place it in your checked luggage.

Or if you are having a carry-on only then you can also place blenders in your hand luggage with strong wrapping in bubble sheaths.

Can You Bring a Blender in Your Suitcase?

Yes, you can bring a blender in your suitcase. According to TSA guidelines, you can take a blender in carrying- on either in your suitcase but the blades are only acceptable in checked luggage. Because blades fall in the pointed objects category and TSA has a restriction to bring any type of sharp objects on a plane.

So if you want to bring a blender in a suitcase then carefully pack it and place it in the safest place for fewer chances of damage.

Can you take blenders through TSA checkpoints?

Yes, you can take a blender through security checkpoints in your carry-on baggage. But the TSA’s official site shows restrictions on taking blenders with blades. So if you want to carry it with you then, you have to remove the blades and pack them separately.

Because sharp objects are not allowed but if you bring them all together then put them in checked luggage during checking at the security point.

Can you take a blender in carry-on luggage?

All US airlines allows you to bring a blender in a carry-on with removed blades, but if you want to bring both items then pack and place it carefully. But if you have checked baggage, we advise you to wrap your blender in a protective bag and put it inside.

Because you might require extra space for your other belongings, it will be more convenient to take it in your hold luggage rather than your carry-on bag. When the traveler asked about bringing a portable blender in their carry-on then TSA gave the following reply.

Can you take a blender in carry-on luggage

Can you take a blender in checked luggage?

Be attentive to packing your blender inside your checked luggage if you wish to bring it on a plane. When you have a small blender, you can pack it securely inside your suitcase with a piece of cloth, and you’re ready to go. In checked luggage, to protect inspectors from damage, make sure the blades are well-protected and wrapped.

Can you take a Vitamix Blender on a plane?

Yes, you can, because Vitamix blenders are more beneficial, easy to handle, and lightweight. You can take the Vitamix blender both in carry-on or in checked baggage, but the blade rule is the same. You must carry it in checked luggage.

Can You Bring Hand Blenders on a Plane?

Hand blenders are more portable and usable items. It is used on a large scale in the food industry. If you want to bring your hand blender on a trip, make sure to take it out of the carry-on bag before boarding as hand blender could be used as a weapon.

Airport security will not permit blenders of any kind in the cabin of a plane, like other equipment with blades.

Why TSA Restricts the Blender on a Plane?

As mentioned earlier, the sharp blender blades can cause injury to the luggage handlers or can be used as harming tool. So airline restricts all such items that have pointed ends or blades to avoid any trouble situation during flight.

But if you removed the blender blades and packed them separately with tight wrapping, airline will not restrict you to bring it on a plane.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we have discussed all can you bring a blender on a plane. The quick answer is yes you can bring it in both carry-on and checked baggage with the removal of blades. Do not place the blades in carry-on due to their sharpness. So if you are one of those who want to bring it with you then you must read the given post and it will solve all your problems.

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