Can I Take Dog On Plane? Complete Guide

Can I take dog on plane is nothing new to regular travelers as the airlines these days are jamming more pets than passengers on board? But to the new travelers who wish to have their sniffy pet on a plane for a destination vacation can be biting nails over the queries that come to mind while planning a trip.

Well, to be honest, flying with pets can be a little mind freaking as every pet has its own temperament and training for a flight. For starters, things can be a little more expensive than trickier. Flying solo can be life-saving but pets are the new passengers of the airlines these days and we are simply loving it.

However, even if the traveling restrictions have been eased in the post covid times, there is a lot to know about taking dogs on a plane. For the beginners, there are questions like, what would it cost? Would it be safe for their dog? Or can I take my dog to the cabin? These and many more.

The good news is we have done some of the significant homework to help you all regarding the beginner’s guide. From packing tips to the medical check-up and the needed paperwork, we have got you covered

Let’s dig in!!!

Can I take dog on Plane?

To the beginner’s query about can I take dog on plane, the answer is yes. The question here should be why would you take the dog on the pet. We are certainly not mentioning your dog pet as something unnecessary to worry about but the veterinarians also consider the restriction of much traveling of pets, especially dogs. We also consider keeping dogs in the house with some pet keepers to avoid unnecessary tension for your sensitive pet.

However, if you are willing to take this risk, try to confirm your pet case in the cabin next to you. Often, there are chances that you may not be allowed to take the dog in the cabin but they ask you to check in the checked luggage.

We consider you keeping an eye on all the requirements of the airline regarding taking pets on planes for safe and hassle-free travel.

Taking a dog on a Plane, let’s check if it carries on cargo for him?

There are different rules for flying with pets, especially dogs on planes. Every airline has similar rules which follow the weight and size of your dog to assign it the right place. So if you are a puppy that is as small as an adorable cat that could fit into the space just below your cabin seat, you are confirmed to have your dog in the cabin as a carry-on.

Other than this size, there are chances that you have to be at a distance with your pet as is it going to the cargo section. Considering the size of the dog, even the cargo needs to have larger dog carriers that may weigh heavier than the allowed luggage weight. Moreover, things can get trippy and unbalanced within the cargo area during the flight.

Your dog, even under the secure carrier may face some falling things or the noise back there. Things and incidents like these can make your dog uneasy and would defiantly be an issue of concern.

However, if you still need to take your dog on a pane, try to be prepared about the mishandling of the dig carrier once you hand over the carrier to the security officers for cargo

So I guess, the cargo vs the carry-on deal is quite clear here. There are still wonders to discover. Let’s do this!!


Essentials for the dog carrier

Dog carriers should be safe and comfy for your dogs but they also should follow some airline rules just to be easy to travel for you and your pet. There are many dog carrier regulations that might be the same for all airlines. Here are some of the quick pickups from the carrier’s essential regulations that we need you to know.

Most airlines consider the dog carrier to be leakproof, safe, tough and comfortable, and ventilating for your dog. Furthermore, the name of the owner with the complete destination address and contact number must be provided.

For your carrier to be handled with care, airlines allow you to label your animal carrier with “Live Animal “ and “This Side Up” tags. This would let your sniffy pet get noticed in between the cargo luggage and can be respected a little more.

How much does it cost to fly a dog internationally?

Flying with a pet friend cab cost you about $125 for a one-way journey. These charges may vary from flight to flight and also for the amount of distance you may travel. There are many online platforms that calculate the online cost for your dog traveling in cargo considering the combined weight of your dog and its crate.

Get the airline capacity check beforehand

There are chances if you book your ticket on an emergency basis, you might have to leave your pet as there are only a limited number of dogs allowed in the cabin. So get in touch with your airline to specify the seat you will be having for your dog.

Get your Paperwork done

Taking a dog on a plane can be time taking as it requires a lot of maintenance and preparation, for instance, your dog needs to have 30 days of immunizations and a ready-to-travel certificate from the vet.

This validity of the certificate and the medical documents of your dogs will help you pass through all the international and national travel restrictions with your pet dog.

How to take a dog on a plane for free?

You can have your dog for free on a plane if you take it inside the dog carrier with you straight in the plane cabin. This way, your carrier will be considered as your Carry on and will not be considered extra for payment. Although this method is free of cost, however, this is only valid for the smaller dogs that can easily fit beneath the seats of the cabin.

Can I buy a seat for my dog on an Airplane?

Buying a seat for your dog is not the thing you can ideally do. All you can do is save some money and carry your pet in the cabin as it does not cost any extra penny and is considered your Carry on luggage. Whereas, keeping your dog carrier in the cargo can still cost you more depending upon the size of your dog and the crate itself.


Can you take a dog on a plane as a carry-on?

Yes, dogs can be kept in small-sized carriers to be taken to the cabin. These carriers must fit into the space below your front seat as you cannot have the separate seat for your dogs. Ideally, smaller dogs can be kept as carry-on in the Airplane.

What size dog can I take on a plane?

Only the smaller breed and size that could easily be kept under the available space beneath the seat are allowed in the cabin. On the contrary, larger dogs can go to the cargo. Still, many Airlines do have the special lists of average pet weight allowed on a plane. Do check in with the airlines before having other troubles with the airline’s security.

Which airline is the most dog friendly?

Some of the most dog-friendly airlines are:

  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • JetBlue Airline
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Virgin America Airlines

How do dogs go to the bathroom on a plane?

Dogs like other pets are not allowed to roam free in the cabin during a flight. Therefore, these small friends are kept in the carrier with suitable bed and bathroom pads. A dog can simply use the disposable bathroom or litter pads to pee or poop during a flight.

Our final Verdict

My Final Verdict on can I take dog on plane is yes, but only under much-needed circumstances. The amount of paperwork and the medical check done for cargo travel of your pet is not worth the risk. Therefore, we support all animal and pet lovers to take care of their pets and avoid making them suffer cargo issues if they are not the cabin carrier size.

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