Can I Take Baby Wipes On A Plane? Complete Guide

Traveling with a baby can be difficult but things have gotten worse after the covid infected our lives. So it cannot be much worth saying that traveling with a baby within a hygienic check is the biggest nightmare for a mum.

But can you take some hygiene products like wipes on a plane? Are they allowed? Are they actually considered liquid hygiene? This and much more.

Let us help you gather your thoughts on can I take baby wipes on a plane and if yes how.

Let’s dig in.

Can I take baby wipes on a plane?

Well yes, you can. You are in good luck as TSA does not consider wet baby wipes as liquid items. So there is literally no need of limiting their numbers and restricting your baby’s hygiene. These wipes can be packed in your Carry on, your baby bag, or even your checked baggage.

As if you are not aware, there can be many places that you need to know and clean on an aircraft with these wipes. You do not need baby wipes only to clean bum but the aircraft and the seats you sit on can be the real pile of filth and germs.

We don’t blame all the airlines for not cleaning the seats or the serving tables completely. But it’s you guys who have been hitting the Internet with numerous filth-filled seats and tables. YUCK !!

A passenger from local airlines had also had to self-clean his table and seat filled with some anonymous blood.

So worry not and use the maximum of your wet wipes for multiple purposes as germs can be lurking in different unnoticed places of your flight.

What does TSA have to say about it?

The TSA allows your baby or any other wet wipes on a plane. And guess what, that does not follow the liquid rule. So you can keep your wet wipes in your Carry on or the checked baggage.

Can I Take Baby Wipes On A Plane TSA

Can you take disinfectant wipes on a plane?

Disinfectant wipes will also other types of wipes are allowed on a plane. You can keep it in your Carry on as they may be handy at many places while you are on the plane. But make sure your wipe stuffing in your Carry on does not restrict the view of your baggage through the security check.

Can I take baby wipes in my carry-on?

I totally suggest you should take baby wipes in your Carry on. Keeping such things handy can be a real help for any emergency issues. Not only for your baby cleaning, but these can also be handy for many more reasons, that I have mentioned earlier. Don’t forget that with a baby on board, restricting him from not touching the magazines and other available items can be really difficult. So don’t risk any of it as the TSA allows you to jeep your hygiene pack near you.

How many baby wipes can I take on a plane?

For any kind of wet wipes including baby wipes, makeup removing wipes, Lysol wipes, and many other disinfectants wipes the TSA does not restrict any amount. You can keep these wipes in any number you want. Be sure not to clutter these in carry-on or in checked baggage as these thick wipes can reduce the visibility through the security camera.

Can you bring hand sanitizer on a plane?

Liquid sanitizers are allowed on a plane. As they are not spill-proof and are considered liquids, they are restricted to the liquid rule. You can take all kinds of sanitizers on the plane under the limited amount of 3.4oz or 100ml. Thank god all of the bottles are below that size so you do not have to worry much regarding the rationing. Moreover, You can’t pack spillage materials in quart-sized zip lock bags for further safety and screening.

Do wet wipes count as a liquid on a plane?

Fortunately no. Wet wipes of any type are not considered liquid. So you are good to go with any amount and irrespective of the place you want to keep them. I suggest you be a handful of them as you never what might surprise you during a flight


For the final Verdict on can I take baby wipes on a plane, I can say a definite yes as there is nothing more important than hygiene for a baby wherever you are. Additionally, these wipes can be handy in so much that you would love to keep them if you are traveling alone.

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