Can I Carry Lipstick In My Purse On A Plane? Complete Guide

If you are the one who needs to do some pre-landing touch-ups, you might wonder can I take lipstick in my purse on a plane? Well, let’s find out.

Women purse has a world of her own and you can not miss even a thing in it, that too when you are about to board a flight. So can you think of a women’s purse without lipstick or two? No chances !!

While you are on a flight, there might be the chances of a little touch-up of your lipstick as you have to leave the plane for your connecting flight or you have arrived at your destination and don’t want to greet your destination with a bland face. So you might wonder that can I carry lipstick in my purse on a plane for a quick touch-up? Well, let us know the answers down below.

Can I Carry Lipstick In My Purse On A Plane?

Yes, you surely can. Even flights or airport security can’t keep a woman away from her makeup. You can simply put your favorite lipsticks in your purse and you are good to go with every checkpoint throughout your journey.

What TSA has to say about taking lipstick in your purse?

TSA is not at all worried about you taking lipstick in your purse on a plane. According to TSA rules for taking makeup on a plane, the lipstick comes in a solid item that does not spill although it does smear you can certainly not claim it to be as liquid or gel.

According to TSA, everything that is liquid or gel in your makeup including your lipstick should have to follow the TSA liquid rules. This accounts for the volume of 3.4 oz of product packed in the packaging. This also needs to be packed in the transparent quart size bag.

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Can you take lipstick in your checked baggage?

Putting your makeup in your checked baggage Can not be much good to do if you are not taking it in bulk. With checked baggage, there can occur many problems while scanning or any other mishap during the connecting flight. So if you are actually taking your favorite lipstick and do not want to miss it in any way, u suggest you not put it in your checked baggage.

Do you need to pack your lipstick in the quart-sized pack?

According to the TSA liquid rules for liquid items, only items that can spill are restricted to pack in the quart-sized bag. If you are packing your personal Vanity in your purse, you can use quart size bag for the lipstick along with all other makeup essentials. But if you are only taking solid makeup like your lipstick, face powder, or blush on you don’t need to pack these in a quart-size bag. You are good to go.

Can you take liquid lipstick or lip balm in your purse?

Liquid lipsticks can have different criteria for packing. As per the TSA rules for liquid items, anything that can spill should not exceed the limit of 3.4 oz or 100ml. Thank god that this makeup line doesn’t make items, especially lipstick in more sized packaging than the allowed amount. If you are within the allowed limit, another thing that is worth mentioning for the packing of liquid lipstick is that it should be packed in a quart-sized packet.

Final words

Can I carry lipstick in my purse on a plane? Well, you surely can. You can simply put it in your purse in any way you can without any limits to the number. There are also no packing rules for the solid lipsticks but with the liquid lipstick, you just have to be a little extra protection.

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