Can I Bring A Hair Straightener On A Plane? Complete Guide

If you are the kind of person who does not want to miss her styling regime even when you are traveling, you might ask your self can I bring a hair straightener on a plane? Is it safe taking a hair straightener on a plane?

Here are basic pick-ups for everyone like you so you can travel issue-free with your beauty gadgets. Read on the following hints to get your answers.

Can I Bring A Hair Straightener On A Plane?

Who does not enjoys a fresh hairstyle when you are on a plane? Or what can be more enjoyable than reaching your destination with freshly straightened or styled hair? Sounds good right?

Well having a hairdo on a plane is more of a necessity with our target outfit of the day. But this beauty regime comes with a frequent question, can I bring a hair straightener on a plane? Well, the good news is that the answer is yes you can. Whether you are on a long or short journey, you can make your hair styling regime regular without a delay.

A hair straightener is one of the most used gadget that gives you a neat look whether you are traveling on domestic or international flights.

What TSA has to say about having a hair straightener on a plane?

If you are traveling by plane, the only hurdle that comes across you and your luggage is the TSA department. TSA is an air security service that makes your air travel safe.

Therefore the packing tips can be actually defined by the TSA itself, and if you don’t follow the list your luggage can be confiscated or in bad scenarios, you have to pay a good handful of fines.

For hair straightener, luckily the TSA approves it on board whether you take it on checked luggage or in your Carry on. But one thing that must be kept in mind is that all your hair gadgets should be battery-free.

This means that all the gadgets with a cord are allowed on a plane in your hand carry as well as in your checked baggage.

can i bring a hair straightener on a plane TSA Guideline

Can you bring a hair straightener in your hand carry?

According to the TSA rules, you can take your hair straightener in your hand carry. It’s good news for the ones who don’t want to pack their hair straightener in their checked baggage because they don’t want to miss their last-minute hair touch-ups just before they hop onto the plane.

Plus if you want to freshen up your hair after a very long flight you might need your hair straightener just by your side. So what can be handier than your bag or a carry-on? Nothing right? Moreover, an electronic like these can be a bit too fragile to carry in your check luggage. So I suggest all of you bring your hair straightener in your Carry on for a safer option.

Can you bring a hair straightener in your checked baggage?

Yes, you can bring your hair straightener to your checked luggage. Everything that does not have a battery can be packed in your checked luggage. But will you pack your expensive gadget in your checked baggage that can be lost and enquired at different security checks? I suggest not putting such expensive items in your checked baggage. Rather than you should tuck your hair straightener in your hand carry it in your safety bag or a zipper.

Can you bring gas powered hair straightener on a plane?

Gas-powered hair straighteners are allowed to be packed in hand and checked luggage. But you have to take safety measures before packing them. Make sure that you have the full safety measures to avoid any activation or spark. You can bring only one butane straightener in your hand luggage. Other than straightener you are not allowed to carry extra gas cylinders as fuel for your iron. Do remember that you can only pack hair straightener in your carry-on, not in your checked luggage. Here is the tweet from the TSA official website on bringing of butane hair straightener.


Is carrying a hair straightener on an international Flight safe?

International and domestic flights can have different guidelines for packing and even the quantity of the items packed. So if you are traveling to some international destination I suggest you take a detailed tour of all the guidelines of the related place or the operating flights.

Or in most cases, you should also consider the guidelines for the transit destination as your checked baggage will also be scanned through the scanners at every transit stop you pass through.

Consider the international power supply before packing the straightener

It’s essential to look at the voltage power supply at your destination to keep your straightener safe from any damage. Mostly, the flat irons don’t work overseas due to voltage fluctuation but it doesn’t mean you have to leave the iron behind. We have a solution for this and that is packing electric adapters in your hand luggage. The adapter will keep the high voltage down that save your appliances from igniting.

Furthermore, if you travel a lot then it is recommended to buy a travel-friendly hair straightener. These flat irons are easy to handle and also designed in such a way that they can operate well in input voltage between 110v -220v.

Can I bring a hair straightener through the security check?

If you are not sure even after permission from the TSA you can always go and ask questions before you get into the security check. But if you do not want to question you can always have a look at the pictures of the items not allowed to carry. If your item is also on the list that is prohibited to take on a plane you have to drop your item before you hop on to the plane. Or it may be confiscated.

Final words

Our Final Words on can I bring a hair straightener on a plane so the answer is yes you surely can. Every battery-less hair or Beauty item is allowed on a plane without any restrictions to the carry-on or the checked baggage. I guess now you cannot have your perfect hairstyle on board before you step into your vacation destination.

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