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Will You Choose a Holiday Resort or Something More Adventurous?

When you start thinking about what type of holiday to go on there a couple of main choices to pick from; a typical holiday resort or something more adventurous. Which one will you choose?

The Holiday Resort

The great thing about going to a holiday resort is that everything is set up for you to enjoy an easy and relaxing holiday. Your hotel is probably next to the beach and some restaurants. Everyone will more than likely be able to communicate in English and you will probably meet other Brits there as well. Does all of this add up to a great holiday? It really depends upon your outlook on life and what you want from your time away. This is probably the ideal break for a family looking for an easy trip which doesn’t involve a lot of thought. It can also be a very good value of spending time on holiday. On the downside, if you like to explore the local culture and speak to the people who live there you might be disappointed. Sometimes it can even be difficult to find the typical local types of food in these resorts, with many of them dominated by British style eating options.

The Adventurous Approach

Most of us would consider the adventurous approach to going on holiday to involve getting off the beaten track and going somewhere without the same sort of tourist infrastructure as the holiday resort idea. This could mean a wide variety of ideas, from camping in the countryside to going to a less highly developed county. This type of holiday will typically involve eating local food and having the chance to speak to the people who live there. It is a more difficult type of trip than the holiday resort one, as you will need to organize more things and you might feel very far from home at times. This could be too difficult for you if you are taking a young family away with you and don’t want to have to deal with any hassles. However, if you want to enjoy what we might call a more authentic experience then could be ideal for you.

A Mixture

An interesting way to try and get the best of both worlds is to go for a mixed holiday. There are different ways of doing this. For example, you could decide to stay in a holiday resort but make some adventurous day trips. This is relatively easy to do in many resorts and just needs a bit of investigation on your part before you head off. Alternatively, you could stay in a more independent type of accommodation – such as a campsite or a villa – but within short travelling distance of a popular resort. In this case, you would know that you have the safety net of somewhere comfortable within easy reach if you need it. Even if you never travel to the resort you will feel a lot better knowing that it is there.

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