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Which of the UK’s Hidden Secrets Have You Discovered?

It is easy to think of trips abroad to exotic countries as being more exciting than staying closer to home but is this the case or could staying in the UK give you an even better holiday? The following are a few of the UK’s hidden treasures you might not yet have discovered.

King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Wales

In Powys there is an old slate mine that has been converted into a magical place to take kids to. It is now an underground fantasy world where you can be amazed by tales of life in the time of King Arthur. It is a fascinating place for kids to learn a bit of history and the grownups aren’t likely to go home disappointed either. It can also make a great starting point for an exploration of the fine Welsh countryside.

The Isle of Iona, Scotland

This is a smallish island in the Inner Hebrides which is famous for being the place from which St Columba spread Christianity and it is now a popular destination for pilgrims who want to check out the abbey. However, you don’t need to be looking for a religious break in order to enjoy Iona. Away from the busy summer months there is a lovely, laid back feel to the island and it can be a great break for a gentle holiday with a spiritual side to it.

London, England

London doesn’t seem like much of a hidden secret, does it? This is one of the most visited and most cosmopolitan cities on Earth so what hidden treasures might you come across here? Well, one way of finding a different side to the capital is to go on a walking tour. You can find tours like this which will take you round the streets where Jack the Ripper committed his unsolved crimes or others which will take you in search of ghosts or Harry Potter locations. There are lots of different ones to choose from, depending upon the side of London you want to see.

Marble Arch Caves Geopark, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is full of magical travel destinations and this is one you might not have heard of before. It is described as one of the best caves for visitors in all of Europe. It can be found in Country Fermanagh, near to Enniskillen. Once you enter into this complex of caves, underground rivers and waterfalls you will probably forget all about the outside world for a while. It is easy to get to and there are a number of visitor facilities to make it an easy place to spend some time.

Of course, there are plenty of other hidden treasures all over the UK. For a relatively compact country there is a huge amount of things to do here. In fact, you might find that the idea of going abroad isn’t quite as important as it once was after you discover how many exciting things you have in your own country.

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