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Which Destinations Will the British Save Up For This Summer?

The sun is almost back again after the long and dreary winter, so it’s time to pack your bags, grab a couple of your besties and enjoy the beautiful summer across different parts of the world. It’s been a long while and you definitely deserve the joy of taking a well deserved vacation to just chill out and take a breather.

Here are the top five travel and holiday destinations worth having a cash isa for this summer:

Breathtaking Ibiza

Just like in the music videos, Ibiza is truly mesmerizing. There is loads of fun to have in this beautiful Spanish city. From clubbing at night and enjoying the sensual Ibiza nights to sightseeing in the rich culture of Santa Eularia des Riu located on the east coast and finally enjoying the mind-blowing sunset at the Ses Variades coast in San Antonio. You cannot fail to have a blast in this city where life just never stops.

Sophisticated Paris

This city really is the epitome of sophistication and culture. The attraction sites are simply incredible and diverse. Visit the Eiffel Tower which is a definite must-see site, you can even climb the stairs all the way up and lose the extra pounds! How amazing is that! The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe provide a wide and amazing cultural and historical experience while in Paris.

Enchanting Crete

This interesting island in Greece is truly a must visit while on holiday in Europe, being the largest and most active and culturally diverse location in the entire coastal strip of Greece. With beautiful resorts and villas, you and your family or buddies have the advantage of a more convenient and home feel unlike the usual hotels. Enjoy the broad array of water activities and sports in the beach such as diving and beach volley ball among others.

Upbeat New York City

There really is something unique and eye-catching about New York. The culture is simply amazing and has a way of just drawing one into it. The most visited and interesting sites in this city include the historical Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, the phenomenal Wall Street and the famous Fifth Avenue where you’ll literally shop till you drop! The Madison Square also is a great site and provides incredible architectural landmarks that will take your breath away. How about getting a taste of the American life when on holiday!

Magical Venice

While in earlier years Rome was the obvious location for many touring Italy, Venice has been creating quite a buzz among travel enthusiasts in recent times. The city offers a relaxed kind of old school vibe to it. The Grand Canal is such a colourful spectacle that is a must see in Venice. The Musica A Palazzo is a must visit for all music enthusiasts and opera lovers. St. Mary of the Friars Cathedral brings such a calm, somber and spiritual mood for you to just relax as you tour Venice.

Sample these amazing sites as you take a holiday this summer for a truly non-forgettable experience and get the chance to enjoy a different culture away from home.

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