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Where Will You Go in Italy?

It is easy to take for granted the fact that in the UK we are so close to some of the finest tourist destination on the planet. For example, Spain, France and Italy are three of the most visited countries in the world.

If we look at the example of Italy we can see that the biggest problem is in working which of this country’s incredible cities to start with. With travel from Britain being quick and easy there is no reason to neglect any of the cities to be found here, such as the following treasures.

Rome for History Buffs

The capital city is always a good place to start in most countries and Italy is no exception. If you are interested in history then this is one of the finest places on Earth to check out historic buildings and pieces of art. The Coliseum, the Vatican and the Pantheon are all stunning buildings which transport you back in time to the golden age of the Roman Empire. Of course, Rome isn’t just about old buildings. This is also a wonderful city for eating out in, for walking around and for shopping in. Basically, no matter how you enjoy your holidays you will find something here to keep you happy.

Florence for Art Lovers

Florence has some equally impressive buildings in it but probably its main attraction for many tourists is the art. This was the centre of the renaissance movement and the legacy is a stunningly beautiful city which is filled with one of the highest concentrations of outstanding art in the world. As with Rome, we can’t define it in just one the one area, though. Florence gives you many different reasons for visiting it and the food is one of them. This is the capital of the Tuscany region of the country, which is rightly famous for its simple yet tasty cuisine. If you come here to enjoy the art and the ambience then you will undoubtedly be delighted when you try the food as well.

Venice for Romantics

We have to start by admitting that Venice has plenty of the art and historic buildings which Rome and Florence possess. However, if there is one area in which this world famous city stands out it is in the romantic feel it has to it. Is there a better place on the planet to spend time with a loved one? The mere sight of gondolas, bridges crossing the canals and St Mark’s Basilica and Square is enough to make just about anyone swoon. As in the case of the other Italian cities we have looked at, there is more to Venice then just this aspect. An attraction of the city which few travellers seem to take full advantage of is the number of high quality beaches near to it. If you want to get away from the busy streets and the crowds of tourists then it is easy to find a place by the sea to relax and see a different side of Venice.

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