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What Will You Read on Your Travels?

Taking a book on your travels is one of life’s little pleasures. If you never have time to finish one at home then this can be a great chance to dedicate more time to reading. Having a book handy is also a lovely way of killing some time in the airport or in the evening when you are in the hotel room and don’t understand a word of the telly. So, what will you read?

Paris – The da Vinci Code

The da Vinci Code was the book which really started the idea of literary tourism in modern times.  Regardless of what you think about the basic concept of the thriller, it is an exciting read which makes a lot more sense when you are standing in the streets of Paris and can see the landmarks being described. Don’t let the rather lame film of the book put you off, as the book is a lot better. You might not find the Holy Grail at the end of your holiday but it will help you pass a few hours in the company of some nonstop action and a few intriguing riddles.

Barcelona – The Shadow of the Wind

This is a rather different way of getting a book to help you enjoy your time abroad. The Shadow of the Wind is a brilliant book which recreates the Barcelona of yesteryear. It is an edgy, fascinating read with an intriguing plot. The city has changed a lot from them and you might struggle to find any of the landmarks mentioned but there are a few of them still around. The Cemetery of Forgotten Books from the novel is unlikely to be something you see on your holiday but the rich atmosphere of the book makes it a wonderful companion as you explore the city.

The UK – Notes from a Small Island

If your trip is around the UK then this book is going to give you a lot of entertainment. US travel writer Bill Bryson is going home after a long stay in the UK and makes one final trip round the country. He is a very funny writer who can make getting soaked in Weston-super-Mare and missing the train in rural Wales sound like hilarious experiences. However, the real beauty of this book is how he manages to pick up the finest points of British culture from even the most seemingly mundane travel experience. It ends up being a surprisingly poignant book which might just encourage you to see more of the UK.

Wherever You Go – A Book Which You Enjoy

No matter where you go, there are few better travelling companions than a good book. The previous examples are all books related to the destination but it can be equally enjoyable to read a book which has nothing at all to do with where you are. The most important thing is that you enjoy it and that it adds to the trip. Pick the right book and it will forever be linked to your travel destination in your mind.

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