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What To Pack For A Caribbean Trip

Planning a trip to the Caribbean can be a bit tricky, largely because it’s difficult choosing which of the breathtaking islands you want to visit. The truth is, just about any Caribbean destination can offer a spectacular vacation, and in many ways they’re all quite similar. But even once you narrow down your decision of where you’re going to take a trip, you’ll have more decisions to follow – specifically with regard to packing. The Caribbean is a unique vacation destination full of its own charms and attractions, and as such there are certain items you might want to bring along that you don’t usually consider. Here are 5 in particular that might serve you well.

1. Waterproof Pouch

Generally speaking, a portable day bag is a great idea for any beach vacation, but for a Caribbean trip specifically having a few waterproof bags and pouches along will likely come in handy. You can pick these up at, and you’ll find them useful for anything from an average day on the beach, to time spent on a jet ski rental, to one of the popular catamaran or snorkeling boat trips. Activities out on the water are incredibly prevalent in the Caribbean, so a waterproof pouch for essential items (cash, ID, a room key, etc.) can be perfect.

2. Corkscrew

This may seem like an unnecessary item to pack, but you’d be shocked at how tough it can be, in certain locations, to find a wine opener or bottle opener in the Caribbean! Your room will likely not include this accessory, and whether you’d like to have a drink on your hotel balcony or open up a few beers on the beach you’ll be glad you brought the tools.

3. Spare Contacts

As mentioned, water sports and activity are incredibly prevalent in the Caribbean, and that means it’s not uncommon for guests to lose contact lenses or experience irritation. For that reason, it’s a great idea to have an extra pair on hand. Visit before your trip to stock up on lenses, or potentially look into a supply of daily lenses, before you head out on an active (and wet!) vacation.

4. Beach Towels & Umbrellas

Again, this seems unnecessary but you’d be shocked how many hotels – even major resorts – will charge you boatloads of extra cash for these basic amenities. If you have the space, pack a collapsable beach umbrella and a few big beach towels to make your “camp” on the beach easier.

5. Snorkel Equipment

On many of the islands, you can actually rent this stuff pretty cheap. On the other hand, it’s way more convenient to be able to snorkel anywhere at any time, and the Caribbean beaches have some of the best snorkeling and clearest waters in the world. If this intrigues you, visit in advance of your trip and order up some gear!

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