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Travel & Tan: 5 Fun British Beach Destinations


One of the most dreaded things about winter is how it makes our skin look dull and pale. We can’t wait to get out of the winter and into the sunshine to feel like we’re alive again. Here are some fun beaches for you to visit and soak up some sun.

Rhossili Bay Swansea, United Kingdom

As winter starts to roll away, there is a nice, simple beach located in Swansea, United Kingdom. This is the perfect beach for people who just want to get away from all the hassle of city life and unwind in a serene beach where families can gather together and take a nice picnic by the sand. It is a perfect summer destination to surf and enjoy the waves without having to pay much.

Tresco, Scilly Isles

If you want a more Caribbean theme to start your tanning process, a great beach destination is in Tresco, Scilly where the beaches are amazingly beautiful with lively marine riches. It is a small isle where summer seems to never end. You get to enjoy the sand while getting a glimpse of the colourful flowers that surrounds the isle. It is a perfect sunny destination to pump up more colours on your skin and return with a lively and healthy tan. See how your officemates will get jealous seeing your wonderfully sun-kissed skin.

Three Cliffs Bay, Wales

If you want to get an extra adventure while enjoying a warm, sunny day, they head on to Three Cliffs Bay, Wales where there is more to life than the beach itself. It is dubbed as one of Britain’s finest beaches with a family-friendly town. It is also a perfect winter escape for couples out there who want to spend quality time together under the warmth of the summer sun.

Blackpool Sands, South Devon

A more relaxing and calm water is what you are looking for, then head to Blackpool Sands. Although the name is Blackpool, you will be invited to crystal clear turquoise water where the sea is calm, the water is clean, and the colours are alive. Kayaking and snorkeling are among the relaxing activities you can do there while your kiddos can do splish-splash by the bay.

Whitby, North Yorkshire

A perfect tanning destination is Whitby, North Yorkshire where natural resources are at their best. The beach boasts of its natural beauty where it is untouched by modernization, making the sunny escapade a perfect retreat from the winter colds. Aside from the beach, there are also ruins of St. Hilda’s Abbey where it is a perfect place to get a unique adventure aside from the gorgeous beach. You can have plenty of tanning options such as soaking in the ocean, hiking in their wonderfully lush areas and checking out ruins. Surely you would not get bored at this coastline because you will be welcomed with amazing views and plentiful activities that you can enjoy.

The summer sun is just around the corner. So step out from the winter, dull skin and soak into the ocean water and sandy beaches with these amazing British summer destinations.

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