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Travel Insurance? Waste Of Time Or Worth Getting?

Travel insurance covers the traveller against the risks encountered when on the move. The exact nature of the risks covered varies from policy to policy, but most travel insurance policy offer medical emergency, accident coverage and loss of luggage.

The Need for Travel Insurance

Mishaps, illness, accidents or other unfortunate incidents can strike any time and at any place. One of the worst places to meet up with such misfortunes is when travelling. Encountering such disasters when on a holiday or travelling for any other purpose would not just render the person immobile and rob them of the trip’s objective, but may also leave the person virtually stranded with lack of cash or help to recoup effectively. Normal health or accident insurance may not extend beyond the national boundaries of the person’s home country, making it a good idea for travellers to take travel insurance. BBC newsbeat advises all travellers to get insured especially young travellers; this is as we have seen an increase in people needing government help after ending up in hospital overseas.

Travel insurance is therefore a good idea as it offers compensation for many contingencies such as accidents abroad, trip cancellations, tour operator defaults and a host of other situations not covered by conventional insurance.

The Best Way to Make Claims

A big risk with travel insurance is the all too real prospect of the insurer refusing to honour claims or release payment citing improper paperwork, not making a proper claim in time, some vague fine prints in the contract, or some other reason. This renders the whole scheme of travel insurance useless for the traveller.

However, many firms that specialise in accidents abroad and can help travel insurance holder’s state their case in strong and convincing terms, forcing the travel insurers to pay compensation. Many policyholders remain reluctant to file such claims, in this context; the no win no fee claims from first4lawyers becomes noteworthy. First4lawyers offer assistance to stake the claim but charges money only if they win the case. In other words, hiring such help becomes a no loss preposition for the affected traveller expecting to receive compensation from the insurer.

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