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Top European Delicacy

Many European delicacies can be seen as very unusual and peculiar to people from different cultures and countries. In different countries different foods are seen to be greatly desired and a privilege to taste. Whether you are travelling throughout Europe and wish to try their traditional fascinating foods or if you are just at home but wanting a change from your everyday lunches and dinners, there are many different types and assortments of food for you to choose from. Most foods of which are easily accessible from many local stores or markets.

The French are known for their unique taste in food and their choices of frog’s legs and snails seem to be one of the top European delicacies that anyone can choose to eat. Frog’s legs can be eaten at any time of the day, grilled to perfection or eaten alongside a range of different sauces.

Cheeses in Italy are well-known to be a delicious choice of food, especially with all of the different sorts and flavours of cheeses which you are able to find and the ways in which they are cooked or the other foods that they are mixed with. For example Casu Marzu Sardinia, a cheese known for its maggot-like appearance and taste. It is made from flies laying their eggs within the cheese which gives it a very strange but delicious taste. Although this food is very hard to get hold of, you are seen to be extremely lucky if you do manage to try some of it.

Ham is something which is desired all over Europe, of course there are many different hams and they vary from country to country. It is eaten all over the world and something which is well-known to be uniquely made and used within Europe, making it a top European delicacy.

You cannot be a free Britannia or have eaten a proper English meal unless you have tried fish and chips. In this case it seems to be the only time when the more fat the better. You are able to get proper fish and chips from a number of places in different towns within the UK. This is a meal which no one can dislike. There is a full variety of fish in batter, sausages, mushy peas and many more with the famous portion of chips.

Above are just a few of the top European delicacies, wherever you go within Europe or eat food from a certain country there is always a huge variety which allows everyone to enjoy their dinner. Whether you would like to stay safe with the food you eat or go all out and try the ‘dangerous’ and ‘daring’ ingredients, there is something for everyone. What is great about all of the amazing foods which are loved and desired in all different countries over Europe is that it is very easy to then import these foods from country to country, allowing people all over Europe and beyond to have the chance to eat all of these extravagant products.

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