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Top 5 Beaches in Europe

Nothing can be quite as enjoyable as relaxing on a beautiful crisp white beach on a lovely summer day. A tourist can derive unimaginable pleasure from just gazing into the sparkling blue water of the sea. This is without mentioning a cocktail in hand to complement it all! A tourist can find five of the most exotic and lovely beaches in Europe. They are undoubtedly the best travelling destinations for beach enthusiasts from all over the globe. Here is the Direct Insurance guide to the top beaches in Europe:

Egremni, Lefkada, Greece

Egremni, Lefkada in Greece is the first awesome beach that holiday goers can book in Europe. Greece and Spain are the first European holiday destinations that travellers consider when booking beach holidays. Egremni beach is a beautiful beach for people who do not desire to spend their holiday time in the company of other tourists. Unlike with other renowned beaches in Europe, it is less crowded with tourists. It is ideal for people who desire more tranquil atmospheres at the beach during their holidays. Set at the bottom of high cliffs, a tourist can enjoy the fine pebbly beach while gazing at the vast and picturesque Mediterranean ocean.

Warnemünde, Germany

Warnemünde, located in Germany, is the second awesome beach that holiday travellers acclaim highly. It is located at the periphery of the Baltic Sea. It has beautiful white sandy beaches excellent for relaxation purposes. The sea water is mildly calmed excellent for various sporting activities such as windsurfing and sailing. The water at the beach is normally a tad cold even at summers. Tourists can cool off heat from their bodies during the summer by diving into the cold water at the beach. There is a naturist area along the beach for those tourists who are adventurous.

Ile de Re, France

Ile de Re is an awesome beach in France which is set on an island. This region in France is lined with traditional quaint French Architecture. It is an awesome beach more suitable for people who would like to get away from commercial beaches full of tourists. They are numerous coves situated along the beaches in the island for tourists to explore. The beach borders dense pine forests which offer nice topography for hikers to explore. There is an abundance of aquatic life at Ile de Re for tourists to see.

Sesimbra, Portugal

Sunbathing and swimming are without a doubt the best beach holidays activities. Sesimbra has plentiful of these to offer. Its calm waters and white beaches are ideal for tourists who enjoy busking and swimming on the beach. If hungry, a tourist can purchase fresh fish from the local fishermen who sell their catch at the beach. Portugal offers a traditional setting and the Arrábida Mountain rises over Sesimbra beach making it more secluded. It is very close to Lisbon ideal for tourists with bookings at the city.

Cala d’en Serra, Ibiza

Lastly, there is the highly acclaimed destination of Ibiza. Ibiza holidays are mostly associated with travel packages of tourists planned by tours and travel agencies across the globe (Blogger, 2013). Tourists can enjoy the white beautiful beaches of Cala d’en Serra while visiting Ibiza. It is a very popular beach among numerous vacationers. For individuals who love tranquillity during their vacations, along the beach there are numerous coves that are more silent. The beach is located near Portinatx, behind rocky cliffs, a region where many families go vacationing. Vacationers can enjoy fresh fish served in various cafés located along the beach.

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