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Tips on Traveling the World on a Budget

It almost goes without saying that traveling around the world requires serious budgeting. Allowing for everything from food to accommodations and sightseeing requires a tremendous amount of planning. Many people end up having to do less on their trips or even have to cut them short for lack of proper planning. Today we’re going to give you a few tips on traveling around the world on a budget.

Hostels and Couch Surfing

Staying at hotels at various destinations around the world is going to put a huge dent into your travel budget, so consider a couple of popular alternatives. The first option is a hostel, one that is a popular option among backpackers.

Hostels are barebone accommodations that many times are dormitory style shared accommodations. In many cases it is not much more than a place to sleep and maybe a bathroom, often shared but the rates are very low in comparison to hotels.

Couch surfing is a popular trend where people abroad offer a guest room or even their couch to travelers looking to save money while traveling. These are usually ultra-low cost or even free in some cases but realistically you should help the owners out some since you are partaking of their hospitality.

Cook for Yourself

One way you can save some serious money while traveling abroad is by preparing your own meals. Eating out at restaurants or even street food can run up to some serious money over time.

Eating out can run you in excess of $20 per day and that is if you are watching how much you spend. Adversely, you can get groceries for a week in the $50 to $60 range and save yourself around 50%

Cut Down on Partying

One of the largest expenses reported by many backpacker is for alcohol. For example, prices for alcohol in many top gambling destinations like Macau are largely disproportional to that of food and is where many establishments make the majority of their money.

While we aren’t saying to not go out and have a good time, consider cutting back on the amount of alcohol that you consume or find a more cost effective way to have a good time while traveling.

Cut Down on Your Phone Expenses

Calling home from abroad can be expensive, even if you use pre-paid phone cards. Fortunately there alternatives that can save you a ton of money. Internet programs such as Skype or Localphone allow you to make international phone calls as cheap as 2 cents a minute. If your other party has skype, you can call them directly over the internet for free.

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