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The Lost Lands: 5 Former British Colonies That Will Take Your Breath Away

The British took control of many countries all over the world and took part in the growth of many cultures. Travellers often want to visit some of these lands to see what drew their ancestors there, and so these now independent states have developed into favourite tourist destinations.

Here are our top five pics for any Brit out there looking to explore the lost lands of their nation’s empire…

1. America

Most parts of the larger American continent were colonized by the British in the seventeenth century or later. America bears natural sites and monuments that will leave you gasping in awe at almost every destination. From theĀ Grand Canyon to the beautiful beaches along numerous coastlines.

America has a rich culture of diversity and as if that is not enough, this is the home of plenty of entertainment and fun. You could go to Disneyland or marvel at the great historical monumental like the Statue of liberty, the statue of Abraham Lincoln, and many more sites.

2. India

This is a major worldwide tourist destination with diverse cultures and people. The country will leave you with lots of tales to tell on your return home. The Taj Mahal in Agra is the famous symbol of Indian independence from the British in August of 1947. Interestingly, the subcontinent is home to the most rainy place on earth and the hottest: Cherrapuji and Thar Desert respectively.

India has many many splendid places to feed anyones thirst for fun. You can never get enough of the cuisine, festivals and grand, majestic architecture. The pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan is a place to behold.

3. Kenya

This strategic point in Africa is home to many native cultures and customs. It is a predominantly green country, with the exception of the north being desert and arid land. Home to forty two tribes, Kenya hosts many tourists and has amazing beaches.

From its picturesque Indian ocean coastline to lush green forests and many varieties of exotic wildlife. From the ruins of Gedi at the coast and the great Fort Jesus, Kenya is home to the famous big five: lion, buffalo, elephant, cheetah and leopard.

You could go for nature walks or visit the many islands, one of which has become famous as the place where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. The royal family often visit this pearl as the Queen is known to have frequented the Aberdares Tree Tops Hotel and the Castle lodge at the heart of Mt. Kenya. The mountain is a work of wonder as it is snow capped despite being directly on top the equator. The famous Masai community are native to Kenya and the country attained self rule in 1963.

4. Australia

The most popular city in postcard pictures is Sydney, the capital of Australia. The rich opera city is full of fun activities for tourists like climbing over the arc of Harbor bridge. The botanical gardens are a showcase of all the attractive flora the country has to offer. The opera lovers will find a haven of great orchestral magic at the opera house at Hyde park. The country is home to the kangaroo and the rare platypus, and has beautiful scenic beaches that attract thousands every year.

5. Antigua and Barbuda

These are twin islands located between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Think magnificent sandy beaches surrounded by intoxicating flower forests. The natural scenery does not come to an end. The Devil’s Bridge is a natural limestone arc that is just amazing to look at. The popular St. John’s Saturday Market is a place where you can get a piece of the island’s heritage through intimately designed collectibles.

Wherever you decide to spend your holidays, enjoy the beauty offered with a simple thought of their history. If you wish to celebrate independence day with the natives, mark september 15 in your diary.

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