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The Hills are Alive

Like it or loathe, it you all have either seen it or can at least sing some of the songs. Yes, I’m talking about The Sound of Music, one of the most watched movies in the entire world. I actually love it and have seen it many times. Yes, I know that it can be a little corny but who doesn’t still get a bit freaked out when they are hiding behind the headstones in the church and that little rat, Rolf, betrayed them? The Sound of Music is what it is, an extremely well done musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein that is loosely based on the truth. T is after all a movie – a fable if you will. Not to burst the bubble of diehard fans, but I do not think Maria was a very nice person, at all. However, I am romantic illusionist and I will continue to enjoy this movie, as undoubtedly many of you will also. Three ways to enjoy this movie. Here are three suggestions.

The Sound of Music tour

This takes place in Salzburg, Austria – naturally. There are a number of tours that you can take to see some of the memorable sites from the movie. However, remember that a lot was not shot on location but in a studio. Regardless, these tours are enormous fun as you sing your way around Salzburg. You are able to see the breathtaking landscapes and locations where the famous musical, the Sound of Music, was mostly filmed. Visit the gazebo where ‘Sixteen Going on Seventeen’ was filmed. Visit Mondsee, the location of Maria and Captain Von Trapp’s wedding as well as see the convent – from the outside only, where ‘in the movie’ Maria got herself in so much trouble. There are a number of tour options to choose from. Some offer dinner and a further sing along. Still for pure fun, I think that this is winner of a trip.

Sound of Music sing-alongs

Found in many cities across the world these are very popular. Dust of the curtains, dress as a goatherd or be exceptionally creative as many people are and have an excellent night, full of laughter and singing of course. Sydney, Australia, puts on a totally awesome night. New Zealand and America also put on great sing-along evenings.

Visit Trapp Lodge in Stowe, Vermont

Situated on 2,500 acres in beautiful Stowe, Vermont, the Trapp Family Lodge this is series Austria, even if it not in Austria. The von Trapp family who dropped the ‘von’ when they immigrated to America lived here and it now a huge tribute to the family and comes with serious rave reviews. Not only does it include the History of the von Trapp family, and actual relatives living on sight- Trapp Lodge also has many other features. It is a great place for winter activities including cross country skiing, snowshoeing or back country skiing – and why not sing the ‘hills are alive with the sound of music’ while you at it. They also offer their own brewery and Trapp maple sugarhouse so you can dose up on maple syrup.

So how do you solve a problem! Embrace your inner Sound of Music.

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