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The Essential Guide To Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of Holland’s main cities, a place known for its canals, museums and large parks. In this city there are beer museums, sex museums and many coffee shops where locals and visitors can try space cakes.


The city has many museums. Most of the museums are located in Museumplein, an area near the city’s main park. The Rijksmuseum, which is known for its collection of Rembrandt’s and Vermeer’s masterpieces, is located in a large mansion designed by Pierre Cuypers. Nearby is the Van Gogh Museum, dedicated to this painter.

The Anne Frank House is one of the city’s most visited museums. The small house that leads to the Secret Annex where the Frank family and four others remained hidden during the Second World War is filled with memorabilia, and visitors will be able to see Anne’s diary.

Canals and Bridges

The canals are one of the city’s symbols. There are several boat tours around the largest canals, and visitors will be able to enjoy guided tours around the city and even rent their own boat. There are more than 150 canals and more than a thousand bridges. The main canals are Herengracht, Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht and Singel.

Markets and Streets

Leidseplein is one of the city’s main streets. There are many boutique stores, vintage stores and retro stalls, and several cafés and restaurants. Visitors can explore the nearby streets, lined with narrow, pastel coloured buildings typical of this region.

The city center is filled with shops, and its main market, the Albert Cuyp Market, is located in the De Pijp district. The main market has a flea market section with bargain prices for antiques and old decorations. Visitors will be able to buy local crafts, including cheeses, Delftware plates, tulips and wooden clogs.

The Royal Palace and other Ancient Buildings

The Royal Palace is known for its large ceremonial hall, Burgerzal. Located in Dam Square, the palace is used for official functions.

The Schreierstoren is a fortress that used to form a part of the old town walls. Many ships left from this point. Another ancient tower is the Munttoren, built on the site of an ancient city gate. Near the coast visitors will find a large center with a museum, a planetarium and shops.


Bicycles are the city’s main means of transport. There are many places where visitors can rent bikes, and most hotels and hostels offer bikes to their guests. There are several bicycle routes around the city center and the main attractions. The city has bike lanes and there are many places that can be explored by bike.

Red Light District

The city’s Red Light District is one of its main attractions, known for the women and men dancing behind large windows, its many clubs and coffee shops where weed is legal. Even for those who are not in the city for a peep show, the district is a place to tour before visiting the Sex Museum.


The city is one of the country’s most popular attractions and can be discovered on many Amsterdam tours. Near the Museumplein, the area filled with museums, visitors will find Vondelpark, a large park with paths for bicycles and ponds. When walking from the museum district to the park visitors will find the large Iamsterdam letters, a red and white sculpture that is one of the city’s symbols. Many visitors climb up on the letters.

The city is connected to the airport by a train that arrives at the Centraal Station, the city’s main station. Near this station there is a large bicycle parking lot, a structure with rows of bicycles that attracts visitors who are not used to the sight of many bicycles in a city.

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