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The British Are Coming! 6 Places Abroad Where Brits Abound

Paul Revere’s famous shout – “The British are Coming!” – can now be heard all over the world, from Phuket in Thailand to sun-kissed beaches in Jamaica. Of course, now they say it with welcoming arms! Blame it on the restless, adventurous spirit of the quintessential Britisher, but more and more Brits are travelling abroad to exotic destinations. The old favorites of Caribbean and south of France have been replaced by a bunch of new destinations in Europe and Asia. Here, we take a look at six favorite holiday destinations among British travellers:

1. Phuket, Thailand

A sun-kissed island paradise, Phuket in Thailand has been a perennial favorite among British travellers. The island of Phuket is approximately the size of Singapore (another favourite holiday destination) and is situated at Thailand’s westward edge. The island’s economy is centered around tourism and Britishers contribute heavily to it. Phuket is quite cheap and many British travellers end up staying for months.
Best time to visit Phuket are the months between October-March.

2. Goa, India

Once a Portuguese colony, Goa in India has a unique culture that attracts thousands of British travellers each year. Goa’s beaches are famed for their white sand and the region has a very laid back culture. Throw in the best of Indian cuisine, and you have all the ingredients for a memorable holiday. Little wonder British travellers flock to this western Indian state every year around October-December.

3. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza has a sterling reputation as a party-paradise, especially among young travellers. The little Mediterranean island attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year who come here for the beaches, the natural beauty, authentic Spanish cuisine, and endless party opportunities. Crowds swell around summers when young people and students have time off, so older travellers might want to avoid travel during this time.

4. Florence, Italy

The city that gave birth to Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Florence is one of the world’s greatest cultural hubs. Florence is seeped in history and tradition, and yet, boasts a large cosmopolitan, urban population. Strolling down a Florence street, you might have a Renaissance era building on one side, a shimmering, glass and steel 21st century building on the other. This curious mix of the old and new attracts thousands of British travellers each year. The city is especially popular among holidaying couples because of its culture, cuisine, and endless possibilities for romance.

5. Crete, Greece

As per legend, the Greek God Zeus was born on the island of Crete. One of the oldest civilized places on the planet, Crete in Greece is one of the cradles of western civilizations. A small island in the Mediterranean, Crete boasts a large urban population and unspoiled, stunning natural beauty. Culture buffs will appreciate hundreds of historical ruins dotting the island. Today, Crete has become a metling pot of sorts with a large Africa and Asian population, which makes it all the more enticing for British travellers.

6. Los Angeles, USA

The home of Hollywood has always been a firm favorite among British holiday makers. Los Angeles is the second largest city in United States and the center of the global entertainment industry. While there is little to see in terms of history and culture, the chances of running into a celebrity on the streets of LA are very high. Add endless entertainment options and an extraordinary variety of cuisines, and you have all the ingredients for the perfect holiday.

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