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The Best Places to Warm Yourself in Winter

When winter starts to bite many Brits start to think about where they could travel to in order to warm themselves up a little. Where are the best places to do this? Here are a few good options to make winter more of a pleasure than a pain.


While it is winter in the northern hemisphere they are enjoying summer down in the southern hemisphere. This simple fact opens up the possibility of getting some sun in amazing places like Southern Africa, South America and Australia. These are all great places to go to when the temperature starts plunging in the UK. Of course, Australia is a perennial favourite with British tourists and it is easy to see why. Once the long and tiring flight is over you can enjoy great weather and friendly people in a setting which doesn’t seem as far from home as it really is. This is such a big country that you will need to take some time working out where to go to. The heat might be too hot for you in some parts of the country during the Aussie summer, especially in tropical, humid places like Darwin.

The Med

The Mediterranean is another popular spot with people looking to avoid low temperatures in northern Europe. The European side of the Mediterranean Sea is usually a bit cooler then the African side but parts of Italy, Spain and other countries are pretty tempting at this time of year. If you are unlucky then you might find that the weather is just a little bit better than in the UK but you might get lucky and enjoy some spectacular sunshine. Africa is generally seen as being a very adventurous option but these days there are lots of safe resorts where it is easy to spend some time enjoying the warm winter sun. The Med is a great option for a good value break which doesn’t involve a long flight.

The Caribbean

If the Med isn’t warm or exotic enough for you then maybe the Caribbean beckons. This is in the northern hemisphere so it is still winter but you can expect warm weather and pleasant conditions in the water. There are many different destinations to choose from here, with Jamaica, Cuba and Bahamas among the most popular. You will pay out a fair amount for a trip here but the depressing British winter will seem a long way away while you are in the Caribbean. If you have ever wanted to go diving then this could be the ideal time to live out that dream in warm, clear water while back home everyone else is shivering.


There are some other places where you could head to in order to get a break from frozen fingers and numb ears. The Canary Islands aren’t too far from the UK and offer a good value break at this time of year. Hawaii is further away but would make for an unforgettable way to warm up during the winter time.

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