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The Best Places to Go Camping in Europe

If you want an independent and fun way of taking a holiday then going camping is a fantastic option. Europe is filled with lots of top quality campsites so choosing which country to go to is the first hurdle to come across.

The UK

Staying close to home will make it a cheaper trip in most cases. For a start, you will save on travelling costs to get to your campsite. The UK has a huge number of campsites and many of them are close to big attractions such as beaches, theme parks or interesting cities. Perhaps the main reason you might be put off is the fear that it will be a bit, well, boring. After all, if you know one part of the UK you might not see any reason to visit elsewhere. Thankfully, you will discover that it can be exciting to visit Cornwall, the Lake District Scotland, Wales or anywhere else you aren’t familiar with.


There are some very good reasons why France is such a popular destination with the UK’s campers. There are many top class sites across the country. From Nice to Paris and from Bordeaux to Nantes, this is a magnificent country for camping in. The open roads, the lovely countryside and the great food options mean that you won’t be short of things to do. It is also a county with a lot of local festivals and some of the beaches are top class too.


It is easy to think of Spain purely in terms of holidays in a beach resort hotel. It is hugely popular with people who want this kind of break but camping here can be great fun too. The coastline on the South coast is where you might look first of all and there is no doubt that this is a fine place to take a camping holiday. Having said that, you might be even more impressed by the greenery along the spectacular northern coast. Basing yourself in a camping site close to a big city like Barcelona is also a smart way to make it a cost effective and independent city break.


This is another one of the best places for camping in the whole of Europe. As with the previous options, it is such a big and varied country that there are a number of ways of approaching your trip there. Maybe you will be keen on the incredible scenery of the Italian Lake District or the beauty of the Dolomites. Another option is to stay close to one of the country’s cities. You might be surprised to find how easy it is to make a base close to Venice, Florence or even Rome. As camping trips are self catering breaks you will be delighted to find that you are spoiled for choice in food terms here. Will you choose to eat out in restaurants while you are in Italy or will you buy some fresh local produce and cook something authentic?

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