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The Best Countries for Drinking Wine

If you are a fan of wine then you have probably tried some from a few different countries. Wine is a drink which is produced in a wide variety of countries and going to see the wineries where it is produced can add a fascinating twist to your visit to a wine producing country. Here are some of the best places to enjoy some on your next trip.


Strange as it may seem, Argentina is the 5th biggest wine producer in the world right now. The quality of the wine made here has increased vastly in recent years. Mendoza is where most of the good stuff comes from and it is also a beautiful region to explore. You can make a trip to a few of the different bodegas and sample their different wines while getting to see a lot of the place and speaking to many locals. Interestingly, they claim to produce the world’s highest altitude wine here, although if you cross over to Tarija in Bolivia you will find that they make the same claim about their wine.  If you want to take in a few countries on your South American wine tour then there is also some excellent stuff produced in Chile as well.


You have probably tried an Australian wine at some point. This country is one place ahead of Argentina in the list of wine producing countries but sends out a far higher percentage of the drink to other parts of the world. Norfolk Island is famed for being home to some of the world’s biggest wine consumers, so you might like to go there to sample some of the local wine culture. Otherwise, Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley are some of the country’s most famous wine producing regions. It is easy to arrange either short or long wine tours in Australia if you are short of time but exploring these wine producing regions on your own can be even more rewarding.


The third biggest producer of wine on the planet is Spain.  Production is spread out all over this country. In fact, it is the country with most area dedicated to wine production. This means that it isn’t going to be easy to take in all of the different regions. The best idea is probably to focus on one area, such as Galicia, Catalonia or Rioja in your trip. There is a massive amount of grape varieties used in Spain and the wines produced in the different regions are all distinctive, so you might like to sample a few and make your decision on where to go based on this. The country also has an enviable wine culture, especially in the Mediterranean areas, of sitting back after a meal and drinking a glass or two of the good stuff. Even if you don’t make it to a bodega you can still enjoy a few glasses in a local bar or restaurant and add an extra special touch to your time in the country.

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