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The Best Cities in the World for People Watching

One of the greatest delights of going abroad on holiday is that you get to indulge in a bit of people watching. This is something which doesn’t come naturally to Brits at home but in other countries it seems to be almost a national hobby. So where you will do it next?


Where else in the world can you get so much enjoyment from watching young lovers walk along the streets with their arms entwined? Paris has some great cafes, which is one of the most important points for people watching, but it is also a fine place to sit on the steps of the Sacre Coeur or under the Eiffel Tower and watch the world go by. This will be even more special if you do it with a loved one at your side, of course.


We could really choose anywhere in Italy and put it on this list. The Italians love to sit and watch the people go past and you will too. Immaculately clad, beautiful people will wander past like movie stars while you drink your cappuccino or sit in a piazza enjoying the atmosphere and the fun. The famous Spanish Steps which lead from the Piazza di Spagna is a particularly good place to do this but it can be a great way to pass an hour or so just about anywhere in Rome.

Buenos Aires

The Argentine Capital has the same kind of café / people watching culture as the other places we have looked at, and it shares with Italy the added benefit of the Latin temperament. Here, you are just as likely to be treated to the odd flare up between taxi drivers, protest matches or a shouting match between shopkeepers as the sight of good natured football supporters or groups of teenagers hanging out. There are some wonderfully atmospheric cafes here but if you want the authentic experience you could try some mate. This is an herbal infusion which the Argentines drink almost constantly. Get yourself a thermo flask with hot water, a mate gourd and a packet of herbs and can sit down in the Plaza de Mayo and see what happens next.


If you decide to go somewhere really exotic like Asia then your senses are in for a treat. From food stalls on the street, to floating vegetable markets to shops selling stuff which you don’t even recognise, this continent is a fantastic place for seeing a different way of life. As street food is such a popular pastime in this city you could just prop yourself up against a stall and watch the people go about their business while you chomp away. It is one of those cities in which something always seems to be happening and you will find that it is fascinating to just watch as the action unfolds in front of your eyes. Just be careful you don’t get in the habit of brazenly people watching, as your neighbours and work colleagues might not be too impressed about you staring at them when you get home.

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