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The 6 Most Popular Travel Destinations For Pommies

British people have a craving for travelling. A survey by Expedia in the UK showed that Brits have one of the highest holiday allowances globally. Even with the recession, Brits are still looking for travel destinations.

A majority of Brits go on holidays in the months of July and August with seaside destinations being their favorite spots. Europe remains an attractive travel destination for most English people, with Spain being the favorite country. Visits to USA have also been on the rise.

Below is a list of the top six travel destinations for Brits…

1. Spain

Spain is the Brits’ favorite travel destination and as usual, the beaches are the favorite spots. One can hang out at the any of the Canary Islands like Tenerife, La Gomera, Gran Canaria and La Palma. Tenerife, located in the Atlantic Ocean, is popular with tourists, not only from Britain, but from other parts of the world, too. Meanwhile, Gran Canaria is popular for family holidays. The nightlife is also thrilling in Ibiza, another favorite spot due to its long sandy beaches. Catalonia is another popular beach site besides those on the Canary Islands, as is Costa de la Luz.

Away from the beaches, the northern part of Spain offers walking and cycling opportunity to enthusiasts.

2. Cyprus

Second to Spain as the Brits’ favorite holiday spot is Cyprus. The city of Paphos is an especially hot spot for a holiday. Another favorite spot is Limassol, for mates who love shopping. Cyprus gets around 400,000 searches as a travel destination every month by the Brits.

3. Turkey

Turkey combines European taste with Asian flavor. The city of Istanbul, the capital, is a majestic city where anyone on holiday can enjoy the sultan treatment. Not only does Turkey provide sunny beaches, it also provides snow-capped mountains for anyone with exquisite holiday tastes. It’s the Brits’ third most favorite holiday destination.

4. Greece

Brits are attracted to the country by the villas, the blue seas, the culture, and of course the food. The island of Crete, where Greek gods rest, is the place where Asia, Europe and Africa meet. Even with the economic hardships facing Greece today, the quality of services at the villas and suites still keep the Brits coming back.

5. Britain

Brits love their own country and include travel destinations within the country in their holiday plans. The favorite places for Brits to holiday include Yorkshire Dales, Devon, Dorset, Isle of Wright and the Lake District. From Wales, Northern Ireland to Scotland, Brits are spoilt for choice on where to holiday within their own lands. There are many rivers and canals that one can canoe or take a boating trip. Scotland is ideal for whiskey enthusiasts.

6. Egypt

The ancient sites in Egypt make it the sixth most popular holiday destination for Brits. One can take a walk in the sand dunes, see the ancient pyramids and mingle with the culture. Mount Sinai as well as the Red sea are also favorite spots within Egypt, as is the River Nile. At the capital, Cairo is Egyptian Museum where ancient artwork is displayed including a golden death mask belonging to King Tutankhamen.

Beyond the above destinations, there are many others within Europe, like Italy and France, as well as outside Europe, like the USA, that many Brits go on holiday to.

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