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Escaping The British Winter: Top Bargain Destinations

During the winter period in the U.K, days are usually quite cold, dull, grey and really wet. This translates to spending more time in-doors than one would like. But all is not lost as there is plenty of sunshine elsewhere around the globe. With a little bit of cash to spare, you and your family […]

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The Posh Brit: 4 High-Class Travel Destinations

Travelling is an exciting activity to engage in, especially if your preferred destination is an exotic locale that is sure to be filled with various wonders that will be pleasing to the eye. Say cheerio to your usual, everyday surroundings and travel to these superb locations where you can enjoy the glamour they have to […]

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Cage Diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa – Are You Tough Enough?

The Great White Shark has a bad reputation. The star of the Jaws movies is made out to be an insatiable man (and woman) eater. So why would you want to swim with such a creature? Because you’re a toughie, that’s why. South Africa is one of the best places in the world to go […]

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