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Substituting Tea for Beer at Oktoberfest

If Germany is known for anything, it’s for the annual 16-day Octoberfest in Munich, which is now mostly regarded as a big beer drinking celebration.

We can’t think of a better reason to switch from tea … just for the duration of the festival, of course.

Octoberfest, which is recognised as the world’s biggest fair, actually begins in September and concludes on the first Sunday in October. The 2012 Octoberfest begins on September 22.

You don’t have to be in Germany to celebrate Octoberfest. These days the festival is held all over the world, from Argentina to Vietnam.

But there is nothing like attending the authentic Octoberfest in Bavaria.

The first Octoberfest, in 1810, was actually a wedding for the Bavarian crown prince Ludwig to princess Therese from Saxony-Hildburghausen. The following year an agricultural fair was held … and Bavarians decided to have a similar celebration every year.

The modern Octoberfest usually has music festivals and parades as well as the famous beer tents.

Beer is drunk by the litre in traditional German steins. Only regional breweries that use traditional beer recipes are allowed to participate in the Munich Octoberfest.

At present, the authorised beer makers are Augustiner-Bräu, Hacker-Pschorr-Bräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner-Bräu, Spatenbräu and Staatliches Hofbräu-München.

About six million people visit Munich’s Octoberfest every year – it’s a BIG event.

The beer tents usually open at 9am in the morning and close at 11pm at night. It’s possible to reserve tables in some beer tents through the brewery companies.

Without a reservation, be sure to arrive early (before 3pm) to ensure you get a seat. Families are advised to visit the Octoberfest at midday, the calmest and quietest time of the festival every day.

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