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Popular Jobs In Australia For A Pommie Traveller

So, you are going to Australia for about a year and wanting to work while you are there?

Would you like to know the popular jobs in Australia for travelers like you? Well, you are in luck, mate, because right here you will find exactly what you want to know about working Down Under.

Some jobs are highly sought after and there will be a lot of competition for every vacancy. Other jobs are not so popular, with far less competition. Some of the jobs are relatively easy and some are very hard work. But the good news is there ARE jobs available in Australia for us Poms.


Hospitality jobs are by far the most popular jobs for Brits on a working holiday in Australia. These jobs are available in hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants and include a range of service positions such as bartender, waiter, dishpig (washing dishes), kitchen hand, bellhop and cleaner.

Australia has a vibrant tourism sector, which supports its hospitality industry. And most hospitality jobs require only a little experience.

Many hospitality jobs are seasonal, with hotels and restaurants putting on extra staff to meet high season demand. The optimal hospitality job-seeking period in southeastern Australia is September to March, while April to September is the best time to go jobhunting in the hospitality industry in the northern and western parts of the country.

Farming Jobs

These are seasonal jobs and mostly involve picking fruit. It is not easy work but it can be fun if you are a fan of manual labor. If you are about the farms around harvesting season, you can expect a full-time job. If you know where to go and what gets harvested and when, you can possibly make a full-time job out of it.


These jobs on remote stations (cattle farms) are usually for experienced people, but you may be able to find an opening if you are adaptable and have a bit of common sense, as well as the willingness to work sunup to sundown every day of the week. Make no bones about it, working on a station is tough work, and it has been called the most dangerous job in Australia. If you’re cool with all of this, then it’s worth looking into it if you have mechanical skills, horse riding experience or truck or grader driving experience. The skills are what the bigger stations are looking for. If you’re a good cook or gardener, or maybe just love childcare, you may be find some work on a cattle station.

Mining Jobs

Australia’s mining industry is booming and the mines are desperate for workers. In most cases – but not all – some experience is necessary.

There are a lot of fly-in-fly-out mining jobs available in remote areas, particularly in the isolated north-eastern part of the country.

These are somewhat plentiful of late and well-paying, but without experience it is tough to get on. However, there are positions that can be obtained by those with little to no experience. The highest paying jobs for unskilled mining workers are drilling and truck driving. If you are interested in these kinds of jobs, it might be worth getting a heavy truck driving license before you head off on your travels.

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