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Plan Your Family Holiday in Kefalonia: Three of the Most Picturesque Resorts

Cephalonia, also called Kefalonia, is one of the largest Ionian Islands. The diverse landscape from town to town has plenty to offer in the way of history, cultural beauty and relaxation. Due to the fact that each town has a slightly different atmosphere, you can be certain that any traveller can find a destination that suits them.

Kefalonia first began receiving tourists in the early 19th century, but it was still not widely popularised until around the 1980s. Located in western Greece, the island is home to more than 200 species of bird life and also, the increasingly rare Loggerhead turtle. Today the island has been a full member of Greek state since 1864, and prior to that, was under Venetian and Turkish rule at different times.


The first destination to be considered in Kefalonia is beautiful Skala. This small fishing village is perfect for young families and those who like a bit of nightlife. The town and its beaches are very safe for touring and swimming. The town itself has a newer part that houses caf├ęs, nightclubs and restaurants, while the older part is home to more traditional taverns and Roman ruins. The Potamaki beach in Skala is an expanse of sand that has recently been declared as a conservation area. At night, turtle watches are arranged, so that tourists may observe Loggerhead turtles without disturbing them. While in Skala you will definitely want to visit the Argostoli Museum, which is home to parts of the Apollo Temple, one mile outside of the town.


Nestled on the south coast of Kefalonia, Lourdas is a town with both bays and beaches. There has been little change to the town over the years, so much of the old world charm has been preserved. This town is the perfect destination for people who are not looking for a lot of nightlife as it houses only a few taverns. Lourdas also has a traditional city square, which is the perfect place to rest amongst the shady pines.


The coastline in Fiskardo is mainly rocky, but does have a few pebble beaches. This was originally a fishing town, but there has been a decline in the fishing industry over the years. One of the most popular accommodation options in Fiskardo is within the luxury villas that surround the original town. Fiskardo has been declared an area of natural beauty and is now protected under Greek law. Perhaps the best thing about Fiskardo, however, is that its port has a ferry that travels to both Ithaca and Lefkada. This means that you can relax in Fiskardo and plan day trips to other town if you so desire.

Kefalonia holidays have so much to offer. It is a destination that has so many varying attractions that it is impossible to be bored. While you are on the island, be sure to have some olives, as olive growing is now one of the main occupations of the people that call Kefalonia their home.

This is a guest post by Melissa Nash, a freelance writer and blogger who use to share her experiences on various travel blogs.

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