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Mass Transits of the World

Being in a new city may be disorienting at times. Getting lost can prove to be a deterrent to your travelling enjoyment. It pays to be familiar with the different modes of transit that can bring you from point A to point B with less the hassle of possibly getting lost, and more of the sight-seeing fun.

A transit is a form of transportation intended to accommodate the general commuting public. Its primary function is to transport people from place to place collectively in a possible short distance within the city limits. The different transit systems provide the general public vehicles and transportations to be used every day and anytime of the day. Some types of mass transit include the commuter trains, taxis, water bus, paratransit and trike.

Commuter Trains

Commuter Trains are one of the most common forms of mass transit used in many first class cities and even in the developing countries. This type of train transport is used for short duration travel along the routes that are within the city’s urban and suburban area. It’s designed for optimum space efficiency, only having benches at its sides while being hollow in the middle. The idea of omitting the center benches was based on a study that showed how people feel irritated sitting in-between or at the middle of the train rather than just standing up.

Commuter trains may run above ground in the case of light rail systems or below ground in the case of subways. The term subway is often used in the United States, while the term underground is used in the United Kingdom.


Taxis are also common forms of mass transit. A taxi is a comfortable way to travel in the chaos and traffic of the city. It gives a feeling of riding and driving your own car. Although very convenient, taxis can be far more expensive than the other mass transits, especially in places like Tokyo and New York.

Water Bus

The Water Bus is a kind of boat transit that is similar to a speed boat, but is larger in size and can accommodate more people. This system of transportation is widely used in places and areas that surround a body of water like a lake, river, sound, canal, lagoon, atoll, and others. It is used by the general public in the Netherlands, in some portion of the Philippines, and other locations located in an archipelago.

Similar in its water transportation ways is the gondola. It is traditionally a rowing boat used in touring inside Venice, Italy.


A paratransit is a special form of transportation. It is a flexible passenger transportation that does not follow fixed routes and schedules. It offers on-demand, call-up, and door-to-door services. The typical paratransits are usually sports utility vehicles (suv), vans, or coaster buses.


A trike is a three-wheeled vehicle that is sometimes referred to as a motorcycle or a motor scooter, and is often described as a counterpart to motorized and electric bikes. There are varieties of trikes around the world that are used as modes of transportation.

The Tuk-tuk of China is tricycle truck, a modern version of the traditional rickshaw. The country also utilizes the cycle rickshaw version known as velotaxi. The tuk-tuk in this country is used to transport goods and people in the rural areas. Other countries, like Thailand and India have also adopted the tuk-tuk. In the Philippines, the tuk-tuk is known as a tricycle. It is composed of a motorcycle that is attached into a sidecar. The tricycle is used to carry passengers and goods all around urban and rural city areas alike.

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